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POIDB is an Australian data provider offering Point-of-Interest (POI) Data for over 485 major brand chains across Australia. Industries include Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Variety Stores, Apparel, Restaurants, Home Improvement, Entertainment, Health and Electrical. All data is refreshed annually and includes Coordinates, Address, Contact Numbers and Opening Closing Times. POIDB is headquartered in Sdney, Australia.


Data Offering

Business Listings DataPoint of Interest (POI) DataStore Location Data


We provide a subscription based pricing model with monthly data updates. Pricing depends on the amount of data that sought and the usage of the data.

Use Cases

Customers use our data for making decisions around areas such as risk analysis, access to services or recreation facilities, store location, location-based marketing, and “find the nearest” searches.

Geo Coverage

Oceania (1)

Data Sources & Collection

We source our data from Business Owners, Social Media Community and Business Partners. All data that make up our Premium dataset is checked and reviewed by our Team.

Key Differentiators

For us it is not about how much data we have - its more about the quality of the data we manage.

We are backed by a community driven Point of Interest website that has been operating for over 10 years with over 40,000 verified members.

We also enjoy building custom POI Datasets for our clients. This is a service we have done for many years (and we think we are very good at it).

Data Privacy

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