Top 10 Travel Intent Data Providers and Platforms

August 13, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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In 2011, it was predicted that US travel industry advertising spending would grow from $2.4 billion to $7.27 billion by 2019.

Yet in 2020, the travel industry collapsed and the market recovery is proving itself to be very unstable. Companies, economists, and travellers are left baffled as the uncertainty of tomorrow’s travel dwells in the air.

So, what can actors in the hospitality and travel industries do to understand where the market is going?

Data providers gather vital information for the travel industry by observing consumers’ online and offline behaviour. Individuals researching and comparing travel options online, viewing the travel channel, or buying a piece of luggage before their next vacation, leave distinct signals about their intentions. These insights can be used by travel agencies, hotels, and airlines to create in-market audiences and understand the current status of the market.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 travel intent data providers on our platform - have a look!

The Top 10 Travel Intent Data Providers and Platforms

Alliant is an audience data company that builds marketing solutions based on transactional data and high performance technology. With insights from billions of transactions and predictive modelling, the company can point out large audiences with propensities to travel, book a hotel, or complete any other kind of tourism-related purchases. Founded in 2002, Alliant has a long history of providing waterproof data solutions for marketing professionals around the globe.

Gravy Analytics is a leading real-world intelligence provider for marketers around the globe. Their proprietary insights on customer journeys are derived from billions of location signals everyday. Verifying visits of mobile users visiting airports, train stations, and hotels has enabled the company to build one of the most comprehensive in-market travel audiences available to date.

Lotame offers travel intent data as part of its wider audience data offering. They differentiate between luxury, budget, domestic and overseas travel plans, and their intent data spans over 100 countries. Lotame deploys real-time data management, meaning businesses across the travel industry can react instantaneously to market developments and deliver timely, personalized messages to prospective travelers.

Based in Germany, travel audience is the world’s leading data-driven travel advertising platform. They offer a proprietary Performance-Marketing-Platform, which allows online travel agencies and destination marketers to monetize their inventory and roll out campaigns which align with their audience’s travel intent data.

Sojern’s expertise lies in travel marketing. They monitor the state of the travel industry in real-time and conduct an annual survey of over 600 travel marketers as part of their analytics. Sojern has travel intent data based on 350 million customers. Travel marketers for airlines and hotels use Sojern’s datasets and solutions to create granular, personalized messaging, and to secure new customers based on intent trends.

Expedia Group Media Solutions harness consumer data from the main Expedia platform to track travel intent. Their data offering includes a multi-national travel trends study spanning 11 countries across the EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and North American regions. Expedia Group Media Solutions aim to connect travel marketers to highly-engaged travel consumers, and they also offer integration opportunities for digital marketing.

Adara is an intelligence and analytics group. Their travel intent data is trusted by over 270 of the top brands in the global travel industry. Adara gathers over 30 different data points per traveler profile using their searching and booking data, meaning hotels and airlines are able to develop an in-depth understanding of their consumer and how strong their intent is.

Skyscanner compares more flights, hotels and car rental services than any other platform in the world. Their travel intent data segments audiences according to where the consumer is looking to travel to and from, when they want to travel, whether they’re a frequent flyer, and how much they’re willing to spend. This travel intent data can then be used by advertisers to target an audience based on their online behavior even after they’ve left the Skyscanner site.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel platform, with 490 million per month people using the site to plan their trips. TripAdvisor operates across the world and has 8.4 million listings for airlines, accommodation and cruises, so can offer a huge range of travel intent data. TripAdvisor travel intent data allows businesses throughout the travel industry to gauge consumer trends, and marketers to cultivate a competitive brand identity.

Wego is a travel comparison website which aims to provide travelers in the Asia Pacific and Middle East with the best deals on hotels, flights and package holidays. Since being founded in 2005, Wego has amassed a database of consumer travel intent. Their travel intent data is first-party, and is used by travel agencies, hotels and airlines in the target region to launch campaigns centered around the most desirable destinations. Wego also provides insights into consumer budgets, allowing travel businesses to arrive at the optimum price points.