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Credit risk management refers to the process of maximising a lender's return on loans while maintaining the credit risk exposure within an acceptable range. Banks and investors use credit ratings based on data to evaluate their portfolios, and avoid credit loss.
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Provides B2B credit risk reports This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, KYC, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check/Adverse Media Check,Global and Local Risk S...
100K records
100% market quotes
55 countries covered
Credit spread is the credit funding cost for a firm. For many products, credit spread is the major risk driver. Credit spread impacts discounting, default pr...
248 countries covered
Provides B2B data/insights on all companies world over. This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check/Adverse Media Check, Ru...
270K Registered Entities
80% Total Business Relationships Identified
Cyprus covered
We currently hold the largest and most comprehensive commercial database in Cyprus.
242M business entities
249 countries covered
Protect your business and start making informed decisions quickly with a subscription access to one of the world’s largest company and legal entity databases.
42M company records
162 countries covered
Increase your global reach and make confident strategic business decisions by accessing one of the world’s largest company and legal entity databases. - Infocredit Group profile banner
Infocredit Group
Based in Cyprus
Infocredit Group
Infocredit Group is a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for 50 years. Its core services include: Credit Risk Management...
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Company Records - Datapo profile banner
Based in USA
One of the largest business databases in the world
million companies
thousands data sources
billion records - Rubix Data Sciences profile banner
Rubix Data Sciences
Based in India
Rubix Data Sciences
Rubix helps you take prudent credit risks, build a robust supply chain & monitor compliance for your business partners. - Bufte profile banner
Based in USA
A unique dataset of vehicle data collected from 800 state sources: - daily/weekly updates - up-to-date and historical data - over 800 state only sources...
vehicle profiles
new records every day
trusted data sources
Based in Canada
FinPricing provides highly accurate global financial market data from real time to historical via GUI and API. The data are collected from various sources, i...
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Interest rate coverage - Transparent Data profile banner
Transparent Data
Based in Poland
Transparent Data
From tech-driven company data solutions to API creation, legacy systems rescue & integrations - Transparent Data acquires and integrates data about companies...