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Location intelligence refers to the insights derived from geospatial data. The insights are often visualized by layering data on maps spatially or chronologically. Location intelligence is widely used for different purposes from marketing to public planning and fraud detection.
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We provide Location Intelligence Data, which helps power geographical information system (GIS) tools and provides data-driven insights across a wide range of...
100M records
249 countries covered
POI Database creating service is a powerful solution that enables businesses to efficiently scrape location-based data from Google Maps. With features like w...
50M devices
95% match location rate
96 countries covered
At PREDIK Data Driven we process massive datasets with a number of complex, computer intensive calculations to make them easier to use in different data scie...
239 countries covered
3 years of historical data
Sovereign Intelligence provides powerful geolocation intelligence based upon our global observation of smart devices. Three (3) year historical lookback.
6K Records
3 countries covered
Get The Complete And Updated List Of All Convenience Stores With Dataset For Instant Download.
38M Average Daily Pings (MENA)
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Raw Mobile Location Data across MENA. We offer a minimum 12 month subscription/license to our MENA Data Feed. If you are not looking for MENA Data, we can of... - Quadrant profile banner
Based in Singapore
Our high-quality mobile location data power companies' products, solutions, and services. Our granular datasets (sourced from SDKs) allow organizations to ge...
Coverage in over 200 Countries
Billion Events / Month
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Predik Data-driven
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Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
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Latam, US, Asia Markets
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Based in USA
Xtract POI database consists of over 6 million locations from 5,000+ companies across 100+ industries. We also create Polygons for given locations across ...
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Based in USA
Datasets built for decision-makers. Validate your intuitions and gain insight into the behavior of consumers, cities, and marketplaces.
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Based in United Kingdom
Tamoco provides first party mobile geospatial data to understand people movement, store visits and other physical world behaviours.
Individual store level data
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PTV Group
Based in Germany
PTV Group
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Frequently Asked Questions about Location Intelligence

Learn everything about Location Intelligence. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence refers to the insights that are derived from geospatial data. Such intelligence can be organised and visualised on maps either spatially or chronologically.

Why is location intelligence important?

Location insights make it possible to link online data to real life insights. This is why such intelligence is associated with a wide range of business use cases in fields from marketing to public planning and insurance.

What are some examples of location intelligence?

Common examples of location intelligence and it appearance include customer profile analytics, expansion planning, and risk management. Marketers can use location signals as their triggers for advertising campaigns. Location intelligence can tell business owners where the optimal location for their next store is. Insurance firms can use location analytics to verify insurance issues and mitigate risks from fraudulent claims.