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Based in Canada
Offers Data for 32 countries
Corporate profile summaries of all intellectual property holdings by each owner/entity, including patents and trademarks aggregated across several national IP registries.


Based in United States of America
Compumark is a data provider offering Trademark Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.

Popular Trademark Data Products

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Corporate Intellectual Property (IP) Holdings 31 countries covered icon
31 countries covered
Providing insight by compiling IP holdings across multiple international registries.
Intellectual Property (IP) Reports 10M records  icon
10M records
Intellectual Property (IP) Reports 29 countries covered icon
29 countries covered
Profile and summary of corporate IP ownership and IP filing activity. Companies can be grouped not by sector or industry but by their IP portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked when evaluating different data vendors

Who are the best Trademark data providers?

Finding the right Trademark data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Trademark data providers that you might want to buy Trademark data from are IPqwery, Compumark, and TrademarkNow.

How many Trademark data providers are there?

There's a huge number of Trademark data providers out there! If you're not sure where to get started, we have a list of 3 Trademark data providers on our platform.

How do I choose the right Trademark data provider?

To find the best Trademark data provider for your use case, you should create a shortlist of providers and compare the quality, volume, and historical and geographical coverage of their Trademark data. Datarade can help you get a good comparison of Trademark data providers.