Quandl is a data provider offering Corporate Actions Data, Bond Pricing Data, Travel Intent Data, Alternative Data, Commodity Data, Mutual Funds Data, ETF Data, Swaps Data, Futures Price Data, Credit Default Swap (CDS) Data, Futures Data, Implied Volatility Data, Stock Price Data, Economic Data, OTC Data, Stock Fundamental Data, Commodity Prices Data, Forex Data, Bond Data, and Stock Market Data. They are headquartered in Canada.


Data Offering

Corporate Actions DataBond Pricing DataTravel Intent DataAlternative DataCommodity DataMutual Funds DataETF DataSwaps DataFutures Price DataCredit Default Swap (CDS) DataFutures DataImplied Volatility DataStock Price DataEconomic DataOTC DataStock Fundamental DataCommodity Prices DataForex DataBond DataStock Market Data


Quandl has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Quandl to obtain current pricing.

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