10 Best Construction Project Leads Data Providers

November 10, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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After a challenging year, the construction industry is set to recover in 2021, with forecasts that it’ll reach a market size of 11.49 trillion USD.

For construction industry stakeholders - investors, suppliers, contractors, developers - this means new project and client leads to fill their pipelines, from single residential building plans, to civil construction contracts.

As more construction companies rush to win the best bids, the more competitive the market will become, and the demand for actionable leads will grow.

How can key players across the construction industry access consistent, top-quality business leads ahead of their competitors?

Construction project leads data providers source information for fresh projects on a local, regional and national level. They build powerful search tools to instantly connect contractors, developers and suppliers with the optimum business opportunities. With real-time insights gathered from construction-relevant news reports, as well as industry insiders, construction project leads data providers enable users to forecast demand, build the strongest ITBs, and increase their margins.

We’ve compiled a list of the best construction project leads data providers.

The 10 Best Construction Project Leads Data Providers

Dodge Data & Analytics is North America’s leading provider of commercial construction data. Offering both historical and current construction intelligence, Dodge also offers industry forecasts, from its 12-month Momentum Index, to its 5-year construction market prediction service, MarketShare.

Planning Pipe is a UK leader in supplying insights for new construction projects. The company deploy both manual and automated data collection methods to gather almost half a million information points on a weekly basis from 400 planning authorities. Planning Pipe offers leads from single-build residential projects to commercial opportunities, which can be filtered according to postcode and radius.

ConstructConnent capture construction project leads from over 35,000 active bidding projects per month. ConstructConnect offers clients the newest leads in their target area, both public and private bidding opportunities. The company’s industry-leading data is also used for risk management and estimation strategy optimization, with over 6 million ITBs sent monthly.

BidClerk is a construction lead generation tool. BidClerk compiles information for 400,000 projects per year, which client can browse to select the most lucrative leads without expending time and resources searching. BidClerk allows users to filter project documents according to CSI Codes and receive BidAlerts about incoming opportunities.

Cordell Connect is a CoreLogic tool. With over 174,000 projects and 200,000 market contacts, it’s Australia’s leading database for construction projects. Cordell Connect allows industry stakeholders to pursue leads based on the project’s progress and vertical, from residential builds, to engineering.

Databuild is powering the South African construction sector with its ‘Knowledge Hub’ on industry trends and intelligence. Databuild’s watchlist enables users to identify project leads across the supply chain, based on expert plan statistics, economic analytics, and project cost indicators.

CraftJack supplies phone-verified contact leads for thousands of construction contractors. Founded with the aim of connecting construction professionals with leads in their area, CraftJack is a leading platform for residential project leads.

Building Radar provide clients with instant notifications for the best construction project leads. The company’s AI data collection system constantly monitors over 300,000 news and tender sources for fresh leads, then provides users with leads personalized to the user’s product or service.

Alpha Affinity is a data collection and monetization company. Alpha Affinity uses machine learning to gather real-time information on current and future construction projects from news sites and press releases. Alpha Affinity’s construction project leads dataset includes project volume in USD, category (e.g. commercial or residential), and company name and role.

Databid aims to help contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers fill their pipelines with leads. Databid’s construction project leads data allows users to cut time spent hunting for the right construction projects: DataBid’s Company Directory matches the right industry professionals with the optimum projects and clients.