Who's New on Datarade? June Edition

July 12, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. We’re constantly adding new data providers so that you can sample, compare and buy the right data, whatever your industry or use case. Our growing network of 550+ data providers is international and covers hundreds of different data categories.

New providers from across the world joined Datarade recently, selling data types from healthcare data to commerce data.

You can get data samples and quotes from all our new data providers by reaching out to them securely and effortlessly via Datarade.

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The Who's New on Datarade? June Edition

Diaceutics offers pharma and diagnostic data. The company’s DXRX platform is the world’s first diagnostic commercialization site for precision medicine, integrating multiple pipelines of real-world diagnosis information and covering 365M patients in total.

TagX is a data provider specializing in datasets for AI training & machine learning. TagX collects and annotate imagery datasets, including Google maps screenshots, receipt and payslip images, and photographs of damaged cars. TagX also collects custom data based on clients’ individual AI needs.

1 Stop Data supplies live updates of B2B intent signals for companies around the world. With 12 million contacts in its database, 1 Stop Data enables users to generate fresh B2B leads based on accurate executive information and constantly-refreshed purchase intent signals

TrueData is a US-based, privacy-by-design platform for brands and mobile app publishers. The company’s consumer marketing solutions cover audiences, analytics, data onboarding, and consent management. TrueData’ data products include first-party consumer data tied to additional identifiers like MAIDs, HomeIP, CTV IDs, and UID 2.0.

Earth-i is a geospatial & alternative intelligence company using ML, AI, and Earth Observation data to provide unique and relevant insights for businesses, governments and other organizations. Earth-i’s smelting datasets are used by clients across various industries such as commodities, supply chain, agriculture, infrastructure and defense.

Twelve Data is a leading provider of financial market intelligence. The company’s data products cover cryptocurrency, physical currency, stocks, and commodities. Twelve Data’s intelligence is sourced from 250+ global exchanges and covers 700M+ requests on a daily basis, with over 30 years of historical coverage.

MedMine is an aggregator of healthcare data and a provider of analytics and informatics. MedMine’s data products include medical device & hospital supply procurement data for countries including the US, Canada, and Greenland. The company also provides custom data solutions to enable users to make informed business decisions that unlock opportunities and provide a competitive edge.

Sovrn operates one of the largest global exchanges that connects blog publishers with tools, services, and analytics to grow their audience, engage readership and monetize their site. Sovrn’s data is sourced from blogs and includes regularly-refreshed datasets on user behavior and purchase intent for consumers in the US, EU and APAC regions.

Mapthrust provides a geospatial API which is a powerful alternative to Google Maps. Companies rely on the API for ETA prediction, reverse geocoding, and real-time traffic intelligence. Mapthrust also collects point-on-interest data on a global scale, and so has over 2 billion POIs in its database.

Infutor Data Solutions provides identity and consumer datasets across various markets. Spanning all of the US, Infutor’s data is CCPA-compliant and originally-sourced. Infutor’s demographic, behavioral and household information enables businesses to enhance their marketing & sales strategy via optimized lead scoring and risk management.

Datamatics provides B2B data solutions covering over 50 different industries. The company B2B contact dataset includes more than 40 million individuals spanning 120 countries, enabling clients to optimize their B2B sales & marketing outreach at-scale.

Mantheos provides curated datasets sourced from LinkedIn, including social listening data, sentiment data, profile data, and company data. Manetheos’ data has various use cases, including B2B lead generation, ABM, and risk management, based on real-time LinkedIn activity.

CitiesAI provides mobility and foot traffic data, specifically for consumers in Poland. CitiesAI data products enable companies to carry out enhanced location analytics and footfall mapping, so that they can define the best strategies for capturing OOH demand.

Marcus Weather provides advanced weather data, specializing in the quantification of short, medium and long range weather on crop yield and energy demand. With Marcus Weather’s global insights, hedge funds, trading groups and food manufacturers can gain a competitive edge by having greater visibility and objectivity of future weather and its potential impacts.

ebCard is a Canada-based B2B leads data provider empowering companies to reduce their admins costs and boost sales with qualified contact information across 18 countries. ebCard’s data advisors offer custom solutions, from CRM onboarding to managing new lead generation platforms.

A leading financial data provider, RIMES Technologies has 25 years of experience in providing ETF intelligence for over 6,600 ETFs/ETPs. RIMES’ dataset is best-in-class with global coverage, and is trusted by 350 asset managers worldwide to power optimized regtech strategies.

AWIS Weather Services sources weather data from 30k+ observation locations worldwide. The company’s datasets have over 100 years of historical coverage, as well as 1,000 daily weather observation covering the US, updated in real-time. AWIS is trusted by clients to improve their business operations and maximize cash flow by responding to weather events effectively.

SerpApi collects search engine data by scraping Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, eBay, Walmart, Youtube, and Home Depot. Each API call is a real time request and mimics a human’s interaction with the search engine.

Royal Map is a GIS company located in Republic of Moldova. Royal Map’s data products include POI datasets for 150 EV charging points, 1,900 restaurants, and 700 gas stations. The company’s GIS data is updated and verified regularly to ensure precision for its users.

Olvin supplies consumer intent data derived from OOH mobility data and POI visitation data. Olvin’s Almanac platform has data covering 240M mobile devices, 16M POI locations, and 6K various chains & brands, enabling companies of all industries to enhance their consumer outreach based on real-world journeys.

Luz is a leading provider of ecommerce intelligence, covering SKU-level product information, pricing information, and industries insights. Luz’s data products cover jewelry, beauty, and cosmetics ecommerce sales, as well as online store information for merchants in the US, Canada, and EU-5.

Lead411 is a firmographic and B2B leads data provider, supplying comprehensive and accurate information about contacts and companies. Through targeted filters, and sales intelligence data points, users are able to view complete contact data profiles and find growing, in-market companies for contact and convert.

Social Market Analytics (SMA) provides predictive sentiment analytics, reports, and social media data feeds to the world’s largest companies and financial trading firms. SMA creates actionable intelligence from unstructured data and has seven years of sample data, as well as fine grain financial Natural Language Processing (NLP) data for Predictive Analytics.

AdZapier provides consumer identity data for identity resolution and CRM enrichment. The company’s datasets include over 400 million MAID <> Email linkages, 403 million unique emails, and deterministic signals covering US consumers with 2 years of historical lookback.

X-Mode is a location data provider empowering companies to enhance their geospatial strategies with first-party, SDK-derived data. X-Mode’s data offering has global coverage and is made up of an observation panel of 30 million users.

Finispia provides stock market data which is compliant with Islamic teachings and shariah practises. Finispia’s financial data feeds are updated daily and are used for smarter investment decisions based on stock & ETF screening.

Iberinform is a leading B2B data provider for Spanish-speaking markets. Iberinform compiles data for decision-makers in 36K companies, which is only accessible via Iberinform’s datasets. As well as this, the company also offers a proprietary cloud-based risk analytics solution covering more than 70 countries.

Trusted by JD Sports, The FT, and Nottingham University, Huq Industries provides best-in-class foot traffic data. Huq captures over a billion mobility events daily, spanning retail spaces and urban areas, covering the US, Europe, and elsewhere.

Infotanks Media provides complete B2B and company data, from technographic intelligence to SIC Code email lists. Infotanks Media is trusted by clients from McKinsey & Co. to Pfizer to tap into a database spanning a top network of professionals with 20+ million companies and 72+ million contact data points.

Televisory is an interactive one-stop global financial market data platform providing extensive data for financial analytics and business intelligence. The company’s data products include Fixed Income Pricing Data for 300,000+ global bonds, as well as PE and VC data.

IPQualityScore is a data-driven fraud prevention solution, with products covering IP address reputation and email address validation. IPQS gives users API access with 100% Uptime, as well as the capability to instantly process CSV files via bulk download.

LeadGenius equips B2B marketing and sales teams with actionable, scalable lead generation solutions. The company’s DATAHUB platform delivers unique-to-you vertical datasets, global datasets and contact & account signals, with global coverage and accuracy guaranteed.

GIST is a leading ESG data provider, with datasets based on 350+ various sustainability KPIs. Clients using GIST’s data can see the economic value of the impact of these different ESG variables, allowing them to manage portfolios effectively and value companies accurately based on best-in-class insights.