Top 10 POI Data Providers & APIs

March 10, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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A point of interest can be either permanent, like a heritage site or monument, or temporary like a small shop or pop-up attraction. Regardless of how long they’re around for, finding and monitoring POIs has never been easier. Advancements in technology like location services in our smartphones have lead to a rising number in data providers offering real life analytics about any given point on a map.

Wheter you are looking to use point of interest data when acquiring a new business site or to help conduct risk assessments, the sheer volyme of vendors is making it difficult to decide which ones to engage with, and which not.

How do you find the right data provider?

While there are many criteria to data quality which are often determined by your specific use case, there are a few companies which stand above the others.

We compiled a list of the 10 most popular POI data companies on our platform. The list is here to help you get started in your serach for data.

The Top 10 POI Data Providers & APIs

With high-quality, extensive global data on more than 130 million places and points of interest across 52 countries, Factual powers local search, business analytics, mobile apps and more. Their extended data offerings consist of granular attributes in order to meet specific customer use cases, including restaurants, hotels, and doctors.

With over 30 billion annual recorded visits, and a POI coverage of exceeding 100 million places, GroundTruth brings scalable location based insights to modern day decision makers. To ensure its top level data quality GroundTruth has a QA team dedicated to Blueprints that confirms each POI is matched to the right address, makes sure boundaries are accurately drawn, and checks for any overlaps between stores.

Foursquare has a global coverage of over 62 million commercial venues, all categorized in 900 granular categories. With over 190 countries their POI data consists of over 30 different attribute fields. By far, customers who have been gaining from their services have included giants like Samsung, Airbnb, and Uber.

With a global reach of 150 million POI’s in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Advan Research provides accurate location based insights to top tier institutional investors spanning from quantitative hedge funds to fundamental asset managers and Real Estate professionals.

Tamoco’s datasets are a powerful combination of first-party SDK device data and granular POI’s. All of their over 200 million POI’s measure visits with better accuracy by taking multiple data points and using extended device attributes, such as movement type, altitude and acceleration, to more accurately verify the visits.

Another European provider, Matrixian Group, has an impressive coverage of 60 million European company related POI’s. Made up of 90 characteristics they are able provide detailed information about the geo coordinates, the surrounding area and region. In addition to this they enable you to select a company by its industry, number of employees, region, decision maker, company size, revenue class, economically active or mail-order sensitivity.

SafeGraph is a data company with a wide coverage of 6.1 million POI’s in the US and Canada, representing almost everywhere people spend money. Their data includes rich context like brand affiliation, top category, store opening hours, and is updated monthly to reflect the latest business changes.

With its focus in European markets, has POI data which goes beyond simple fields. They have all the standard info such as Name, location, opening times etc. Along with this they provide metadata such as category and brand data. Upon request the company is able to even source busiest times and other important visit based metrics.

Based in Singapore, Lifesight has an excessive coverage over the Asian markets. Processing over 1.4 billion data events daily, the company is among the top providers in deriving up to date real world insights. Their POI data is used by professionals for various purposes like gaining consumer insights and optimal site selection.

X-tract offers POI insights on over 3 million locations from 3000+ companies in varying industries anywhere from retail, to healthcare, and finance. The company promises 95% data accuracy through their automated geospatial data aggregation combined with manual quality checks.