Best Data Providers For Location-Based Marketing

March 06, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Location-based marketing harmonizes your consumer’s real-world movement and their online behavior.

In 2019, 84% marketers made customer location intelligence a core part of their targeting strategies and ad campaigns. Customer segmentation, O2O attribution, DOOH ads, geofencing - all of these are part of the 2020 marketer’s toolkit, and all perform best when coupled with location data.

However, as more marketers are using location datasets for their campaigns, location-based marketing is set to become even more competitive. Only with accurate, context-aware visit data and the most sophisticated behavioral analytics can location-based marketing strategies drive up conversion.

How can marketers access the intelligence about their target customers which will give their location-based outreach the edge over competitors?

Location data providers leverage powerful signal tracking and AI technology to collect the highest-quality mobile location datasets. They can deliver aggregated, 100% privacy-compliant insights in real time. This way, marketers can launch location-based campaigns which their customers truly engage with, resulting in that crucial in-store purchase.

We’ve compiled a list of the best location data providers for location-based marketing.

The Best Data Providers For Location-Based Marketing

LocationSmart provides location data via APIs and Cloud Location Services. LocationSmart’s data offering spans 15 billion devices worldwide and 160 million cell towers. The company’s mobile location data enhances location-based marketing strategies like geofencing and in-app messaging.

UberMedia provides raw location data and mobile audience data. The company collects and aggregrates its location data and offers over 6 years of historical coverage. With 14 trillion locations in UberMedia’s dataset, marketers can launch location-based campaigns across the world.

SafeGraph is a location data company offering over 6.1 million POIs spanning the US and Canada. The company provides information on visit attribution patterns, enabling advertisers to build location-based audiences which can be adjusted in real-time.

Lifesight is Asia’s leading real-world intelligence provider that helps marketers understand, target, and measure consumers based on their real world behavior. Lifesight’s services provide an in-depth understanding of a customer’s movements based on visitation data made up from 505 million records. Lifesight’s location intelligence can be used on to enrich a business’ CRM data in order to conduct profile analysis and location-based customer segmentation.

Skyhook is a leading geolocation data provider. The company’s Geospatial Insights offers location-based intelligence covering over 20 million verified venues, signal confirmed device visits and dynamic behavioral and demographic segments. Skyhook’s Context SDK enables marketers to understand consumer visits and create OOH ads tailored to consumer intent and loyalty.

Quadrant is a data technology organization which specializes in high quality mobile location-based data. The company provides purpose-built location data feeds which help marketers understand and meet customers’ needs. Their blockchain-powered platform processes over 50 billion records a month, businesses in every industry to obtain data they can use to launch successful DOOH campaigns, make in-flight adjustments and increase ROI.

Gravy Analytics is a location data provider offering DaaS. The company gathers billions of aggregated mobile signals on a daily basis. Brands rely on Gravy Analytics for context-aware location-based marketing, based on over a billion monthly consumer visits made across the US.

MBI Geodata is a data provider which has been offering geolocation intelligence for over 20 years. The company offers location insights with global coverage. Advertisers rely on MBI Geodata’s 100% GDPR-compliant datasets to roll out privacy-assured location-based and OOH campaigns.

Predicio offers location-based behavior intelligence. Covering 15 million consumer visits a day, with a dataset made up of 6 billion data points, Predicio’s mobile location data offering is both high-quality and ultra-granular. The company offers data for every continent, so advertisers can buy from Predicio to lauch data-driven location-based campaigns in any country they choose.

Reveal Mobile is a premium provider of location-based analytics, audiences, and foot traffic attribution. Their powerful user interface makes it easy to build location-based audiences. With Reveal Mobile, advertisers can reach their target customers via digital advertising, OOH outreach and location-based social media messaging.

StartApp is a mobile location data provider. StartApp’s data offering includes over a billion mobile device users. StartApp’s location data SDK is already being used by over 400,000 app publishers to roll out location-based outreach via pop-ups and in-app messaging.