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i360 sits on the bleeding edge of technology, delivering innovative products and services through the strategic use of data, software and analytics. Bringing together this unique set of data science, marketing and analytical capabilities, i360 drives innovation and results for our customers in both the political and commercial spaces.

Many of i360’s marketing products are powered by an extensive database of 270 million consumers and voters, enabling our customers to predict behavior and ultimately deliver true data-driven strategies with individual-level insights. Using predictive modeling and state-of-the-art grassroots tools, i360 helps candidates and issue advocacy organizations target the right individuals with a strategy guaranteed to make an impact whether at the local, state or national level.

Applying the same principles of advanced data science to solve real-world business needs, i360 has helped our clients optimize operations, anticipate market trends, improve supply chain and logistics efficiencies, understand their customers and much more.

At i360, it’s our goal to help our customers understand and leverage data to its full potential, taking it from informative to actionable for results they can count on.

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Pricing is dependent on a number of factors - i360 provides flat rate, usage based, and subscription based pricing to increase our client’s flexibility. Please email [email protected] or call (703) 672-2674 to discuss our services and pricing.

Use Cases

Smart companies and organizations who want to gain a competitive advantage partner with i360 when…

They need current and accurate voter/consumer data.

They want to have control and ownership over their data.

There are too many disparate sets of data that need to be unified, and too many data management systems and vendors that don’t work together.

Targeting voters for efficient voter contact is a priority.

They are tired of unreliable systems that break.

There is too much data that they struggle to make sense of it all and measure results.

The largest portion of their budget– TV and digital media– should be optimized to deliver ads to the target audience.

They are fed up with poor and unresponsive customer service.

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Data Sources & Collection

i360 was built with a goal of maintaining a constantly updated database of voter information from states and counties across the country. Layering in hundreds of consumer data points from leading data providers, census data, precinct level election returns, and political identification and coalition data, i360 processes 4 billion+ records a year. In addition to purchased data points, i360 has exclusive partnerships with national campaigns and nonprofit organizations, resulting in an unrivaled data set.

i360 modelers then work with industry-leading software companies to build predictive models around partisanship, vote propensity, and issue alignment, answering unknowns where hard data points are unavailable.

Key Differentiators

  • The i360 team has been battle tested as the leading innovator in political technology over the past 10 years. We’ve invested in the most experienced and qualified talent to help our clients win. Because of this, top campaigns, nonprofits, and political operatives have recognized i360 as an honest, transparent, and trustworthy business partner.

  • Our data is always refreshed and up-to-date.

  • We provide accurate predictive models at a reasonable cost and update the model scores daily.

  • With the i360 Portal, grassroots apps, and online activism tools, i360 offers an easy interface for all users and volunteers.

  • The closed loop technology that links all i360 products together ensures that i360 is a one-stop data and technology solution. No more migrating data from various systems or worrying about data that doesn’t integrate with each other.

  • Instead of a top-down approach, i360 allows each client to own their data and control access for their individual needs.

  • Between our data, technology tools, and analytics services, i360 works to make your data actionable from day one.

  • A dedicated Client Services team is available to train users, respond to questions quickly, and address any technical problems. You can always contact i360 whether it is on the phone, via email, through chat widgets, via in-person meetings, and with webinars.

  • i360 has simple and predictable pricing that will allow you to meet your short and long term needs with no hidden costs or surprise charges.

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