10 Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Data Providers

January 28, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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In 2020, global sales of plug-in vehicles reached over 3.2 million.

Stricter carbon reduction regulations, smarter automotive production and marketing, and an ever-sharper focus on sustainability have led to electric vehicles (EVs) expanding their share of the automotive market. And more electric vehicles means more charging stations.

To meet this demand, charger operators are looking for opportunities to build new EV charging points. As the EV charging ecosystem just keeps growing, up-to-date information is vital.

How can charger operators ensure they have the most current insights into the EV market?

Data companies provide accurate EV charging station information for businesses across the sustainable automotive industry. Their EV databases and APIs are updated constantly to give the most comprehensive look into one of the world’s fastest growing markets.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best EV charging stations data providers.

The 10 Best Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Data Providers

gridX provides cloud solutions for the energy sector, with a focus on sustainable development - including electric mobility. gridX enables users to aggregate data from multiple sources, and the company’s XENON EV network provides live updates for load times, usage monitoring, and charge point prioritization.

Rystad Energy is an independent company providing energy industry and business intelligence, including data about the global electric mobility market. The company’s ‘bottom-up’ approach to energy data ensures that users get access to consistent datasets for their chosen region. With a global data offering, Rystad Energy’s reports into EV charging stations allow users to contextualise developments in the EV market and spot new opportunities.

EVgo has one of the largest networks of fast-charging EV points in the US. With plans to increase its electric mobility ecosystem 100 x by 2040, EVgo’s data offering brings leading scale to the EV industry, with partners included Tesla, Uber and Lyft.

Blink Charging is an industry-leading EV charge station owner and operator. The Blink Network covers thousands of locations across the US, meaning Blink has one of the most comprehensive maps of EV charging points available.

Otonomo provides connected car data, including EV charging insights to enable electric automotive businesses to optimize their strategies. Otonomo’s data is single-source and privacy-assured, delivered on-demand via API.

Chargepoint provides electric mobility solutions spanning industries and use cases. Chargepoint’s EV network has facilitating over 80 million charging processes, and the company’S EV data gives both EV operators and the driver themselves a 360 view into charge times and energy dispensed per charging session.

Parkopedia is a parking data company, providing both dynamic and static EV charging data. With 70 million parking spaces in Parkopedia’s database, the company offers global coverage for 15,000 cities. Parkopedia’s EV charging data is geo-referenced and can be accessed via RESTful API for use cases from EV availability analysis to vehicle model segmentation.

CIRRANTiC’s founders have years of experience working in the e-mobility industry and the company provides data covering 280,000 EV charging points. CIRRANTiC’s geographical coverage is best-in-class, with 95 countries included in its EV database, which is relied on by charge point operators and mobility app developers.

EVSE Insights is a US-based data provider founded in 2018 with the goal of gathering data on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. EVSE Insights’ data products include minute by minute coverage of charge point sessions, as well as 3 years of historical coverage. The company’s intelligence is helping facilitate mass market adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Eco-Movement is a leading platform for EV charge point data. Fully independent, Eco-Movement focuses 100% on data quality and completeness. The company was started in the Netherlands; the platform now covers all of Europe and is rapidly expanding to other continents.