Top 10 E-Receipt Data Providers

August 20, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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The number of online shoppers in the US is set to hit 230.5 million by 2021.

More consumers are moving from brick and mortar stores to ecommerce platforms. This growing market has caught the eye of investors, and retailers are fighting for their attention. Now, both groups are looking for new ways to understand the online market, and boost sales performance.

It’s no longer enough to just know which products are in demand. Retailers need to understand the role that different payment methods, basket compositions, and pricing points play in the competition.

So, where do retailers and investors get insights into sales performance on a basket level?

E-receipt data providers can make the whole process efficient and actionable. They collect data from consumers’ email receipts to create datasets on purchase behavior. Investors and retailers can use this data to create sales forecasts, optimize online stores and make smarter investment decisions.

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The Top 10 E-Receipt Data Providers

Edison Trends capture e-receipt data from the US, UK, India and Australia across all devices. They offer brand details down to item level and collect data from over 850 merchants, offering businesses the capability to track purchase trends and make informed sales forecasts

QueXopa provides e-receipt data which covers transactions for the past 3 years. Based in Mexico, the company gathers details from over 250K accounts, making it the leading provider of business intelligence data to businesses and marketers in Latin America.

Ibotta collects e-receipt data exclusively through the Ibotta app, on a 100% opt-in basis. They offer e-receipt data to a competitive level of granularity and scale, with over 1 billion annual consumer intent signals in their dataset spanning all of North America. Ibotta use their e-receipt data analysis to create custom, precision and syndicated audience segments for buyers, who can target consumers of top ecommerce brands like Walmart and Target.

suburbia provides data for a range of categories, e-receipt data included. Founded in 2018, the company offers data covering Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. suburbia’s e-receipt data allows businesses to analyze ecommerce trends in terms of popular basket composition, product pricing by country, and a range of different payment methods.

Vumonic provides e-receipt data as part of the company’s aim to build a global ecommerce intelligence platform. Their data covers India, and the insights into consumer loyalty and average order volumes they provide are used by Amazon, Bolt and Uber.

Rippll offers e-receipt data, sourced from consumers in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands who receive cashback for sharing their purchase information. This removes the need for Rippll to use cookies, making their e-receipt data both highly accurate and privacy compliant. Rippll also allow advertisers to track the ROI of their data-driven campaign, making in-flight adjustments in line with e-receipt trends more efficient.

7Park Data provides both raw and analytics-ready e-receipt data. They collect SKU-level information at the point of sale across a range of ecommerce sites. 7Park Data contextualizes and verifies all of their e-receipt data, meaning online businesses can utilize it immediately according to its market and consumer insights.

Rakuten Intelligence offers e-receipt data as part of its ecommerce analysis datasets. The company’s transaction data is relied on by over 200 online retailers and marketers to understand company performance and maintain a 360 consumer view. Investors use Rakuten Intelligence’s datasets to identify promising digital commerce opportunities.

Nielsen captures over 90% of FMCG sales in the US and offers e-receipt data for these purchases. Their ecommerce transaction data spans 450 million products over 8,000 websites and covers 40 countries. Nielsen provides sales performance insights for investors and retailers.

IRI Data Cloud is partnered with some of the largest global CPG retailers. The company’s e-receipt data provides in-depth ecommerce purchase data, including product-level, basket and unique transaction information, such as pickup versus delivery.