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B2B audience data refers to information about people who engage with a company’s advertisements, websites, or products. This may consist of data such as demographics (gender, contact information, working title), psychographic information (intent), or ad impression data.

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Learn more about B2B Leads & Contact Data

Furthermore, this data type can be used to enrich the first-party information regarding a set of prospects to gather a more holistic understanding about the key decision makers in a given company. All in all, it allows for an extensive view over the whole target audience’s online behavior.

Common Data Attributes for B2B Audience Data

  • Contact information (name, email address, phone number)
  • Company information (company name, address)
  • Demographics (job function/title, gender, age)
  • B2B purchase intent (signals from online behavior)
  • Social Links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google)

Top Use Cases of B2B Audience Data

  • Making content decisions - seeing engagement rates related to content type
  • Static retargeting - understanding when and why prospects leave the company website
  • Audience modeling - comparing 3rd party audiences to 1st party segments
  • Prospect analysis - discovering which actions/behavior lead to conversion
  • Demographic targeting - localizing the key decision makers in a prospect company

Sources and data collection

This data type can be sourced from:

  • Native databases — first party data collected from user accounts on applications and platforms (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google)
  • Fingerprinting — unique characteristics about a device such as: IP - address, browser version, time zone etc. collected upon a website visit session
  • Browser cookies — attributes about the web page visit, such as the name of the site, products viewed, pages visited etc. collected upon multiple visits on different webpages
  • B2B audience data aggregation companies (data vendors) - aggregated and formatted audience data from a mixture of data providers, publishers, and other sources. Most third-party data vendors rely on browser cookies as the central mechanism for their raw data collection