Lotame Competitors & Alternatives

Looking for the best Third-Party Audience Data provider for your business? Better play the field. Discover data-driven solutions for Marketing. Find reviews for Lotame left by Datarade users, and compare Lotame’s data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. Oracle Datalogix, Stirista, Mobilewalla, and Latch Media are the top competitors and alternatives to Lotame.

Top 10 Competitors & Alternatives to Lotame

Oracle Datalogix

Based in United States of America

Oracle Datalogix is a data provider offering Demographic Data, In-Market Audience Data, Consumer Lifestyle Data, and Third-Party Audience Data. They are headquartered in United States of America.


Based in United States of America

Stirista is a data provider offering Custom Audience Data, Online Purchase Data, Consumer Data, Third-Party Audience Data, Email Address Data, B2B Leads Data, B2B Contact Data, Consumer Marketing D...


Based in United States of America

Mobilewalla provides device-ID based consumer segments for targeting mobile in-app audiences on Android and iOS. Mobilewalla’s audience segments are created by applying an entirely new class of inf...

Latch Media

Based in United Kingdom

Latch Media is a data provider offering Demographic Data, Address Data, Direct Marketing Data, Email Address Data, Phone Number Data, and Consumer Marketing Data. They are headquartered in United K...

Intimate Merger

Based in Japan

Intimate Merger is a data provider offering Third-Party Audience Data, Demographic Data, Interest Data, In-Market Audience Data, Brand Affinity Data, and Merger & Acquisition Data. They are headqua...


Based in United States of America

BBIGDBM provides software development on top of highly accurate Big Data.

Every Market Media

Based in United States of America

Every Market Media is an email centric marketing data compiler and data services consultant that helps customers solve data problems using vertical expertise, technology, data control, and a hands ...

comScore Inc.

Based in United States of America

comScore Inc. is a data provider offering Third-Party Audience Data, Device Graph Data, Identity Graph Data, and Research Data. They are headquartered in United States of America. comScore Inc. off...


Based in Denmark

Geomatic is a data provider offering Third-Party Audience Data, B2B Contact Data, B2B Leads Data, and Address Data. They are headquartered in Denmark.


Based in France

Sirdata is a self-service, third party data-collecting platform that specializes in the collection of behavioural data, predictive targeting and selling of audience segments. Sirdata enables publis...

Frequently asked questions about Lotame’s alternatives & competitors

What’s the competitive advantage of Lotame?

At Lotame, we are firm believers in the combined power of people and technology. Our award-winning customer-first approach to unstacked data solutions gives you full end-to-end support, from shaping and refining your data strategy, to personalized hands-on tactical support that ensures you - and your customers - profit from the time and energy you spend on your campaigns. Expect the unexpected with Lotame. Unbundled Technology Lotame’s award-winning technology has been used by enterprises around the globe to power data-driven marketing initiatives in every industry. Unlike the marketing stacks, Lotame doesn’t layer on products for the sake of layering on products. We take a consultative approach with our clients to understand their data challenges, so we can offer the right solutions. Nothing more, nothing less. Our best-in-breed solutions have helped clients increase engagement and drive revenue by turning big data into smart data for superior results. There’s a reason we’ve been named the Global DMP of the Year. Unrivaled Service Our award-winning Client Success team will partner with you to optimize your data strategy and help you achieve your goals. From in-person meetings to weekly check ins, an online community to robust training and implementation programs, we have one goal: to lead you on the path to ROI. Because if you’re not successful, neither are we. Unparalleled Flexibility Lotame is 100% media-agnostic, which means our clients can work with any of their preferred tech or media platforms. We have integrations with all major activation platforms, including ad servers, BI tools, DSPs, SSPs and beyond. We also provide direct and unfettered access to our core API and billions of raw data points on which our platform runs, so you can send your data wherever you like to make it even more insightful and useful for your team. Uncompromising Quality Lotame is leading the charge to increase data quality across the industry. Our team of data scientists have created a new wave of high-quality data that exceeds typical industry benchmarks, and improves the accuracy of targeting as well as audience measurement. Uncomplicated Pricing Another benefit to our unstacked approach is our pricing. We don’t bundle our technology or force you into solutions you don’t need. Instead, we listen to your challenges and offer only the solutions that will solve them. You pay for the products and services you need, not what you don’t. Expect the Unexpected Companies around the world choose to work with Lotame over the large marketing stacks because of our incomparable focus on data solutions and our unrelenting dedication to helping clients win.

What are the best alternatives to Lotame?

Oracle Datalogix, Stirista, Mobilewalla, Latch Media, Intimate Merger, BIGDBM, Every Market Media, comScore Inc., Geomatic, and Sirdata