10 Best Short-Term Rental Data Providers

October 21, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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The value of the global short-term rental industry hit an estimated $169 billion in 2018.

Since Airbnb’s conception 10 years ago, more and more vacationers - and staycationers - are turning to short-term rentals as flexible alternatives to hotels. And the number of property-owners and real estate investors who are turning to short-term rental as a source of revenue is also growing rapidly.

This means vacation rental owners are facing more competition in their local area. Properties now come with tech-enabled solutions like keyless doors and automated temperature control. Vacationers are using travel apps and sites to compare features and pricing for thousands of short-term rental properties, instantly.

How can short-term rental owners access intelligence about their competitors to ensure that their property stands out from the crowd?

Short-term rental data providers offer analytics spanning the short-term rental ecosystem. From real-time demand forecasting, to price point comparison, short-term rental data providers give property owners the tools to create the optimum strategies, secure bookings, and attract investors.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best short-term rental data providers.

The 10 Best Short-Term Rental Data Providers

Granicus offers cloud-based data solutions for a range of industry and government uses, including vacation rental compliance. Granicus’ Host Compliance solution provides intelligence collected from Airbnb, VRBO, and FlipKey, and is used by governments and local authorities to monitor short-term rentals in their jurisdictions so that they can enforce compliance policy. This keeps the short-term rental industry running smoothly and healthily, as it avoids revenue loss resulting from non-compliance.

RateGain is a data provider offering intelligence for markets across the tourism, travel and hospitality industry. The company is the only provider of an end-to-end solution for vacation rental businesses via its service VR Gain - from marketing to revenue management. RateGain’s data covers 3.4 million rental properties and 240 billion price points from across the world.

Datafiniti offers a range of data-driven services, based on high-quality intelligence sourced from across the physical and online world. Datafiniti’s Property Data gives vacation rental owners the means to generate tangible results in a competitive industry. Datafiniti offers data for over 15 million property records, collected using the company’s unique web crawler, and delivered via its RESTful API, giving users comprehensive, instantly-actionable short-term rental intelligence.

The Mashvisor platform offers data which is tailored to short-term rental investors. It enables investors to identify high-potential properties from a dataset of over 450,000. Mashvisor data can be filtered according to cities and neighborhoods across the US, allowing real estate investors to make the most lucrative decisions.

Transparent is a Madrid-based data provider offering short-term rental data for 35 million Airbnb, VRBO and booking.com vacation rental listings. Transparent’s instantly-usable data dashboard is trusted by owners, managers and investors for revenue prediction and competitor price benchmarking, allowing users to gain the maximum from the global short-term rental market.

AllTheRooms provides data on the short-term rental market, with customers including Marriott, Netflix, and tourist boards for LA and Florida. AllTherooms’ data has 4 years of historical coverage and covers every country in the world, making it suitable for users from first-time owners, to enterprises and investors.

Airbtics is an industry-leading provider of vacation rental data. The company’s data covers 6 million properties over 192 countries, and is trusted as a solution by real estate investors and vacation rental owners alike. Airbtics’ data is delivered via an API, and can be customized to cover any region or use case, from guest demographics, to price points. Airbtics collects data from major rental platforms, including Booking.com, Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway.

AirDNA is a vacation rental data provider with data coverage for 10 million properties, across 80,000 cities around the world. The company’s MarketMinder product allows vacation rental owners to see instantly how their service compares to others in the area, based on metrics like occupancy rate, annual revenue, and average daily rate. AirDNA also provides analytics-primed custom data to be used by tourist boards and real estate investors.

Key Data is a real-time vacation rental data provider. The Key Data Dashboard is trusted by over 700 property managers and tourism companies for revenue reports and occupancy rate tracking. These insights are used to formulate data-driven strategies and optimize company operations, whichever sector of the vacation rental industry the user belongs to.

Rabbu offers extremely valuable Airbnb data for real estate investors looking to target specific regions with high yield potential for short-term rental properties.