Top 10 Real Estate & Property Market Data Providers

March 19, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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In the US alone, the real estate industry contributed $2.7 trillion to the country’s economy in 2018 - and in 2020, that figure is only going to increase, with some predicting the construction of 37 ‘megacities’ by 2025.

As such, it comes as no surprise that the real estate and property markets generate massive amounts of data, which investors, developers, and brokers are keen to learn from.

How do we get our hands on reliable sources of such information, and what will it cost?

There is a great selection of data providers that use cutting edge technologies to collect and aggregate data from the housing markets.

We’ve created a list of the most popular real estate and property market data providers on our platform to help you get started on your hunt.

The Top 10 Real Estate & Property Market Data Providers

CoreLogic combines big data and technology solutions to offer global property insights at scale. The provider’s coverage over 4.5 billion records spans more than 50 years and provides granular data about property mortgages, location, hazard risk, and any other performance information. Whether you are looking to identify growth opportunities or mitigate the risks of your current investments, chances are that Corelogic has the data you’re looking for.

Datatree provides real estate data with a full coverage over the U.S market. With information from over 140 million property parcels, the company offers insights on mortgage financing, releases, and deed conveyances for data driven businesses working in real estate. Their data comes in many formats. Whether you’re looking to create custom datasets or appends, the data giant has you covered.

With records from over 100 million residential properties in the U.S, Estated doesn’t fall short on this list. The company’s bulk data solution allows you to have an unlimited workflow across multiple datasets. In addition to their bulk downloads, Estated has an API that lets you tap in to their real time property data updates. Whether you’re looking to do focused research or monitor the residential property markets, the company has the capacity to fulfill your needs.

Reonomy combines big data, partnerships and artificial intelligence to provide decision makers with access to property intelligence. With up to 100 data points on their datasets, the company enables you with property comparisons and new opportunities for over 50 million assets.

Over 900 data points per asset makes Quantarium one of the industry’s leading data foundations. The company enables businesses to grow with data from over 150 million assets in the U.S alone. Quantarium’s nationwide data coverage is improved by artificial intelligence which brings actionable insights to real estate market opportunities.

Vendigi has an extensive collection of people data in the real estate markets. From data about homeowners to the investors themselves, the company has an impressive coverage in the U.S markets. With an unique mix of property intelligence, mortgage data, and online behaviour, Vendigi, enables marketers to create data driven audiences.

Realyse’s mission is to bring the real estate market the transparency which the financial market already has. Along with their vision, the company has come to be the leading real estate market data provider in the U.K, helping investors stay ahead of the market everyday. The provider offers over 550 thousand real estate datasets with insights on prices, rents, yields, demographics and alot more.

Idealista is a real estate data company providing statistics like supply, demand, as well as liquidity and price deviations on a neighbourhood level. The company has its focus in mediterrian markets and has the perfect coverage for real estate investors willing to explore the popular vacation destinations in Europe. The company has data on over 4 million properties, from residential to industrial buildings, and all in between.

Attom Data Solutions curates a multi-sourced national property database that consists of property tax, mortgage,, environmental risk, neighborhood characteristics and other property characteristic data in the U.S. Offering bulk file licenses, APIs and customized reports on over 155 million properties, it is one of the undeniable leaders within the industry.

Having recorded over $18 trillion in commercial property transactions Real Capital Analytics has extensive data on over 200 thousand investor and lender profiles. The company enables investors, lenders, and brokers over the globe with intelligence on real estate market pricing, capital flows and investment trends. Real Capital Analytics can deliver a full micro to macro view and is a great choice in case you’re looking for a reliable birds eye view over the market.