Top 10 Ecommerce & Online Retail Data Providers

June 19, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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We are living in the golden age of Ecommerce.

While consumers are expecting increasingly improved shopping experiences, the toolkit that online retailers have in their hands keeps growing.

The amount of data that is available about consumer behaviour and overall market movement has grown alongside the digitalisation.

In fact, the network of data providers offering data about online shoppers and the market price developments has grown to be so large that sometimes it is difficult to find right data for our purposes.

Who are top providers of ecommerce data that help companies drive growth online?

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 most popular ecommerce data providers on our platform.

Take a look!

The Top 10 Ecommerce & Online Retail Data Providers

The Data giant Nielsen, has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. Their multi-sourced ecommerce data solutions offer a comprehensive view on sales and shopper behaviour around the globe. Founded in 1923, Nielsen is one of the most established data providers in the consumer space and has helped a countless amount of companies to uncover shopper behaviours, sales drivers and underlying trends in the markets.

DataWeave offers leading ecommerce data solutions based on large volumes of aggregated web data. Covering over 20 industry verticals, DataWeave tracks 1500+ ecommerce websites for pricing, assortment and promotional insights. Online retailers use the company’s intelligence to optimise their pricing, promotions, and product assortment strategies to drive profitable growth.

PipeCandy listens consumer brands’ social media presence. The company uses artificial intelligence to estimate the web sales of products and discovers the ones that are likely to break out. With their broad database of product data from the web PipeCandy enables online retailers to stand ahead of the game and make smarter listing decisions.

Allfactor monitors e-commerce stores across the globe in order to derive insights that help online retailers understand the market. The company’s real time data provides a view into online stores’ continuous performance.

Edge by Ascential leverages brand/retailer item-level sales and performance data to bring reliable and actionable ecommerce insights for the industry. The company’s weekly, daily, and real time data enable worlds leading brands and retailers to maximise growth and optimise their product listing based on the market insights.

With its large collection of purchase, media, social, and loyalty data IRI is among the leading ecommerce data providers helping online retailers grow their businesses. Online sales, and share information sits in the heart of IRI and their proprietary e-commerce category attribute model provides marketers with a holistic view of the digital marketplace and the shopper journey.

With data from over 500,000 ecommerce stores around the whole globe, peekd has one of the largest online sales datasets. With a combination of data from mutual merchant agreements, open sources, and other third party providers, the company helps online retailers make better decisions regarding customer acquisition and funnel optimisations.

Rakuten Intelligence is a trusted source of ecommerce data for more than 200 brands, retailers, and investment professionals. The company’s behavioural data from item-level transactions helps companies to anticipate consumer preferences across all devices. Rakuten aims to have the most comprehensive shopper data in the world, and does only help online retailers, but also investors willing to understand the driving forces of the digital economy.

EcommerceDB gather market data from 20,000 stores in 50 different countries in order to help e-retailers in benchmarking their stores against their market leaders and identifying fast-growing competitors. The company’s impressive store coverage counts for 95% of the worldwide eCommerce revenues and gives instant access to over 30 key performance indicators per store.

Led by a group of ecommerce veterans, Stackline has built one of the leading online retail intelligence and data solutions. Their data gives you access to search volumes and trends across categories, and enables retailers to measure traffic, conversion and brand awareness developments on a keyword specific level.