10 Best Healthcare Data Providers

November 03, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Anticipating future diseases and developing cures for them lies in data-driven prediction.

Accessing the most advanced data enables healthcare and pharma companies to develop treatments which preempt widespread patient demand. So, to deliver the most efficient healthcare possible, and to maximize the commercial potential of their drugs and therapies, these companies are turning to clinical intelligence.

It goes without saying that, for this sensitive information to be distributed, patients must provide their full consent.

How can healthcare companies and industry stakeholders get scalable medical insights which guarantee the privacy of the patients they serve?

Healthcare data providers source de-identified data points from millions of patients on an entirely opt-in basis. Healthcare data providers connect users with clinical intelligence via databases which marry scale with privacy. Trusted by pharmaceutical companies and physicians alike, healthcare data vendors work with patient volunteers to share information worldwide for the medical greater good.

We’ve compiled a list of the best healthcare data providers.

The 10 Best Healthcare Data Providers

Decision Resources Group is a specialist in healthcare industry analytics. Decision Resources Group’s data enables pharma and drug companies to commercialize their therapies and use real-time intelligence to respond to ever-changing patient requirements.

iPatientAxis’ database contains information on 19 million patients to be used for selecting clinical trials participants. iPatientAxis enables laboratories and drug manufacturers to meet demand as efficiently as possible by ensuring clinical trials and studies use the most suitable patients.

Indivumed is a global oncology company. Indivumed is led by physicians with over 15 years of experience. The company’s data is collected from over 100 operating procedures and powers new diagnosis and treatment technologies for cancer patients.

HealthVerity is a consumer and healthcare data provider. The company’s aim is to help organizations conduct powerful data analytics which is 100% consent-managed and privacy-compliant. HealthVerity’s de-identification procedures enable the company to maintain a database over 150 billion anonymised healthcare transactions from 75 sources.

Advera Health Analytics’s data is used by healthcare companies as a pharmaceutical regulation compliance solution, and for optimized drug and disease research. As a data provider, Advera Health Analytics is supporting drug developers and clinicians discover crucial trends.

EHR Data is a healthcare data company which aims to bring increased transparency and patient experiences to the clinical ecosystem. By incentivising patients to share their health information using their Electronic Health Record, EHR Data is building a consent-managed, forward-thinking healthcare database.

H1 Insights connects healthcare industry stakeholders with healthcare professionals and providers. The company’s data is sourced from over 16,000 healthcare groups, 160 million medical publications, 350,000 clinical trials, and 700 medic societies.

DocDelta is a healthcare data platform with information on over 5 million healthcare contacts. DocDelta enables healthcare technology manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to identify the right medical clients for their business, as well as up-to-date contact information needed to market their products.

Adstra is an identity data provider with data covering over 230 million American consumers. Adstra’s data generates marketing solutions across a range of industries, including healthcare. Adstra’s Health and Healthcare datasets enable market researchers to analyze ailment patterns for product development and meet patient demand ahead of competition.

HealthWise Data is a provider with datasets covering the wellness, telehealth, and alternative therapy markets. HealthWise Data’s 360 Database provides granular information for over 240 million US adults, with health-related attributes ranging from predicted ailments to health insurance plans, enabling pharma companies to deliver targeted marketing campaigns at scale.