Top 6 Clickstream & Click Path Data Providers

June 09, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Clickstream data has shown itself to be the secret weapon of SEOs and other digital marketers who are willing to understand their customers’ online behaviour. Having access to knowledge beyond the high-level awareness metrics like clicks and impressions, and data from our own websites has enabled us to know exactly where our campaign spend is going.

However, the provider network of clickstream data hasn’t been the largest, and with Jumpshot falling out of the image, only a handful remain. Who are the current providers in the market, and how do they compare against each other?

We’ve complied the 6 the top Clickstream data companies for you.

The Top 6 Clickstream & Click Path Data Providers

TruFactor’s web data covers more than 10 million HTTPS hosts and 30k apps globally. Clickstream derived consumer Intelligence from the TruFactor platform helps retailers understand what drives the online customer behaviour.

Clickagy is a 3rd party data provider for digital marketing and analytics. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the company collects real-time, granular data for online behaviour in the US. Clickagy has helped a multitude of industry experts in understanding the online behaviour in various fields by linking keywords to visitors.

With a strong focus on keywords Authority Labs is helping SEO’s, Digital Marketing Agencies and In-House SEO’s scale their keyword universe with consistent clickstream data. By sourcing tighter one of the world’s largest datasets for clickstream data the company has enabled their users to gain insights previously only available to the most sophisticated marketers. Some examples of how their data is being used are to understanding source keywords for competitors’ organic and paid traffic as well ass assessing keyword volumes and increasing/decreasing trends over time.

Founded in 2000, Datastream Group is one of the older players in the consumer data market. Their raw clickstream data is collected from Datastream owned websites and various data partners to help marketers understand the complexities of their online customers.

Measuring over 3,6 billion events everyday, Lifesight is the among the leading data providers that companies turn to when in need to understand the consumers in Asian markets. While branded as a real world intelligence company, they help marketers to understand consumer’s online behaviour via clickstream data as well. This complete knowledge has shown to help industry experts around the world in business decisioning, audience activation, and in-depth analytics.

Datos is one of Europes leading clickstream data providers. Their global coverage of 10 MAUs brings the company to have one of the largest data volumes in the market. With clickstream data from both mobile and desktop devices the company aims for flexibility in their service. All their data is fully anonymised and can be accesses in both real-time and historical formats.