Top 10 Traffic & Transit Data Providers

July 16, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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By 2050 it’s projected that more than two-thirds of the world population will live in urban areas.

While metropolitan areas grow, the importance of a great traffic flow, public transit, and well planned city infrastructure becomes ever more important.

So, how are municipalities and businesses dealing with urbanization? How can they plan for a more efficient use of their assets?

Data providers offer insights to mobility patterns that help companies and municipalities make smarter decisions in city planning and transport optimization.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 traffic and transit data providers on our platform, take a look!

The Top 10 Traffic & Transit Data Providers

Teralytics transforms transportation planning by offering fresh and accurate mobility insights where they are needed. Working with some of the largest telecom providers, Teralytics leverages information about people’s geographical locations and turns them to valuable mobility insights for world’s leading bus operators, regional transportation agencies, and municipalities.

HERE has one of the largest databases of aggregated real-time traffic data. From helping cities manage their infrastructure to enabling businesses to optimize their driver assets, the company has earned its spot among the pioneers in traffic analytics.

Wikiroutes aggregates public transport insights from via crowdsourcing. With data for 1600+ cities in Australia, Brazil, The Nordics, and Russia, the company helps authorities and businesses plan their transportation according to the publics needs.

INRIX leverages billions of data points to produce the most accurate traffic insights available. Analysing 14 years worth of road movement, the company delivers comprehensive insights that help move people, cities, and businesses forward.

StreetLight Data drives mobility analytics forward by providing planners, modellers, and engineers with the intelligence they need to change the tomorrow. Transforming data from millions of mobile devices to anonymous traffic insights, StreetLight Data gives businesses and cities an on-demand access to resources and processing capabilities for transportation planning.

TomTom analyzes real-time incidents to predict traffic patterns before they emerge. With over 30 years of experience from the roads the company has become the #1 go-to traffic data company for numerous of leading car manufacturers, cities, and technology companies.

Waze leverages data from millions of drivers in real time to build the world’s largest database of road data. Partnering up with municipalities and transit authorities, Waze puts traffic insights to work and helps create better planned cities for the future. The company earns a special remark for their beacons program that ensures uninterrupted navigation underground where GPS signals don’t reach.

Mapbox offers global traffic data for custom route planning and analytics with an industry leading accuracy. Leveraging a global user base of 600M+ active users, the company helps it’s clients with live and typical traffic analytics.

Live Traffic Data partners with traffic agencies to bring data from signalised intersections for connected and autonomous vehicle applications. Transforming and connecting existing intersection signal infrastructure to support valuable traffic insights, the company helps vehicle manufacturers, usage based insurance agencies, and fleet management companies make data-driven decisions.

ITO WORLD combines sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and a team of transit experts to solve transportation issues across the globe. Delivering real time data from over 64 million riders around the world, the company enables journey planners, transit authorities, and operators to make smarter decisions everyday.