10 Best Financial Data Providers

December 02, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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As the global economy evolves, financial market strategies grow more sophisticated.

Investors and hedge funds rely on the analytics from thousands of news outlets, scores, and exchange reports to build portfolios, manage risk, and make alpha-generating investment choices.

For stock market success, maintaining a range of fresh, actionable and trustworthy financial information is crucial.

How can investors get instant financial insights from global market authorities?

Financial data providers bring years of industry experience and expertise to their clients. They’re trusted by thousands of investors to supply the most powerful market intelligence. Financial data providers connect users to verified datasets on-demand, so investors and hedge funds can plan their strategies without the time-consuming research.

The 10 Best Financial Data Providers

Quandl is a financial data provider bringing economic and alternative intelligence to over 400,000 clients. Quandl’s millions of data sets enable investment banks, hedge funds, and asset managers to unlock alpha thanks to unique market insights, from trading signals to sentiment analytics.

Preqin is an alternative asset data provider, trusted by over 110,000 clients from 34,000 firms worldwide. Preqin’s private market insights are industry-leading, covering asset classes including real estate, natural resources, and venture capital. The company sources and verifies data from real-time news resorts, as well as the most recent FOIA requests.

FactSet is a financial data company with over 40 years experience in analyzing market datasets. FactSet connects financial professionals to over 30 datasets, detailing assets, portfolio strength, estimates, debt, ESG scores, and ownership information for the global markets, so that users can make the optimum trading decisions.

Intrinio supplies real-time financial market intelligence. Intrinio’s market intelligence solutions are customized to the user’s needs, with delayed, intraday, and historical US stock prices available via Excel, CSV or API download. Intrinio’s data standardization technology is 99.8% accurate before human verification, giving users competitive and trusted financial insights.

TipRanks is a financial intelligence service collecting stock price opinions from 15,000 analysts. TipRanks uses NLP to collect and aggregate stock market information impartially and securely. From beginner investors to professional asset managers, TipRanks’ data enables users to reduce fees on their ETFs and select the optimum portfolios to invest in based on comprehensive risk assessment metrics.

RavenPack is an alternative data provider specializing in alternative data. RavenPack’s product RavenPack Analytics (RPA) provides sentiment analysis for different commodities and companies, enabling investors to select alpha-generating portfolios. The RPA dataset is collected from 19,000 sources of news and social media content with 20 years of historical coverage.

Founded in 2009, Benzinga provides the most up-to-date financial developments via its actionable API. Benzinga’s high-quality financial insights provide unprecedented market insights. Benzinga’s ‘Mission Critical’ datasets include information on fundamentals, analyst opinions, and upcoming IPOs.

dxFeed offers market data service and solutions. The company connects users to historical tick data, global fundamentals, and ML-powered market clustering intelligence, empowering financial decisions for the US, EU, and Turkish markets.

MSCI is a stock market intelligence company with over 45 years of financial data and research experience. MSCI’s data powers stronger investment decisions and brings transparency to the markets by enabling clients to build optimum portfolios. MCSI’S data covers 50 developed and emerging markets and 11 sectors, with both real-time and end-of-day reports available

With 10 years of expertise, YCharts is a financial solution company which enables investors and traders to build powerful visual representations of their market analytics. YCharts’ data enables users to analyze securities and build portfolios for $500 billion of assets under management.