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Frequently asked questions

Does Datarade offer free, open, or public data?

No, all data products listed on Datarade have commercially-supported licenses. If you want to use data for business critical applications, we highly recommend purchasing data with a commercial license and support. If you’re looking for open data, we recommend you to have a look at Kaggle or open data portals like

Is Datarade’s data comparison service really free?

Yes, our online platform and expert advice are 100% free for data buyers.

How do you make money if your services are free?

In case you’re happy with our services and decide to purchase a recommended data offering, we receive a commission fee from our data provider partners. That way, you don’t have to pay for anything upfront and get free and independent expert advice.

Why should I use Datarade to get in touch with data providers?

Firstly, we help you to identify the data providers that are really relevant to you, so you don’t waste time in unnecessary sales pitch calls. Secondly, we connect you with the right point of contact, so you get a quick response. And last but not least, our platform and experts help you to keep track of your data sourcing process, so you get the best deal.

What data types can I find on Datarade?

Datarade is “data agnostic”. We focus on serving the global data demand and all of its needs. This means that we keep constantly updating our supply of data types, products, and providers. On Datarade's global data platform, you can currently find over hundreds of categories, from location data over B2B marketing data, to financial market data.

How to buy commercial data online?

Start by clarifying your data needs. Define the kind of business problem you are aiming to solve and which data coverage could do that for you. Move to evaluating different data providers with corresponding data offerings. Contact the providers who seem to match your needs to get more information about their prices and capabilities. Be sure to always check the quality and compliance of the data. Datarade data experts can support you in all of those steps to confidently choose the right providers from the largest global commercial data marketplace.

How to ensure quality data?

Attributes of quality data differ from data type to another. However, some common nominators for data quality across industries are the data collection and its processing. You want to understand how, and where the data is collected from. Which scale is it able to cover and how recently was it sourced. The easiest way to test the capabilities of a given dataset is to test it in its intended use case. Ask your data provider for a sample to see what their data can do for you. Datarade connects you to the right contact people from only verified providers. Therefore, you can choose confidently from the largest global commercial data marketplace.

How to sell or monetize data online?

To get started, you need to structure your data offering to marketable products. Take some time to think of ways how your data could be useful for other businesses, and create datasets that solve concrete business challenges and use cases. You can join Datarade. We help you set up your data listing on a global marketplace, and put your offering in front of thousands of data buyers from various industries, countries and verticals.