10 Best Data Providers for ABM

September 14, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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A successful ABM campaign goes hand-in-hand with advanced data management.

ABM is rapidly becoming the B2B marketer’s core method for lead generation, cross-channel outreach and ROI.

However, ABM sales cycles require long-term, 1-1 account nurturing. If marketing and sales teams miscalculate an account’s purchase intent, or don’t have accurate B2B contact information, they end up wasting precious time and resources.

How can B2B marketing and sales teams ensure that they activate the right customer accounts? How can they deliver personalized content and communication via the right contact channels?

A B2B data vendor provides a solution for every ABM issue. These providers supply firmographic databases and B2B contact and intent datasets. This way, marketers can launch ABM campaigns which are tailored precisely to a customer’s intent, budget and needs. Avoid time-consuming market research and ineffective cold outreach: data-driven ABM secures high-value, long-term B2B customers.

We’ve compiled a list of the best data vendors and platforms for ABM.

The 10 Best Data Providers for ABM

Krill Technologies is an intent data vendor offering ABM management solutions. The company conducts extensive market research covering 8 million target B2B audiences over 10+ verticals. Krill Technologies’ B2B analytics ensure that an ABM campaign is time-efficient and maximizes ROI.

180bytwo’s B2B identity graph and contact data enhances a marketer’s cross-channel outreach. As a B2B intent data vendor, they have a match rate of over 60%. With up-to-date, relevant contact information, an ABM campaign can onboard best-quality customers.

True Influence is a B2B intent data provider. The company uses AI and NLP to gather intent signals relating to over 6500 B2B keywords. Marketers and sales teams can leverage True Influence’s contact database to deliver specific messages to ABM leads.

LeadSift is a B2B leads data vendor offering contact level intelligence. Marketers can use LeadSift’s data to launch ABM campaigns alongside lead scoring strategies. This way, marketing and sales work together to convert the hottest MQLs into SQLs.

SMARTe’s B2B contact data is used for account enrichment and ABM leads generation. SMARTe provides intelligence for B2B contacts covering over 150 industries and 200 countries. This gives marketers access to the hottest leads ahead of their competitors.

Bisnode is a B2B marketing data provider. They offer increased flexibility for ABM campaigns: with data updated in real time, marketers can make in-flight adjustments.

Leadspace is a B2B leads data provider. The company leverages a high-quality first-party database against AI-driven, third-party intent signals to build a powerful contact list for ABM outreach. Leadspace’s data can be delivered directly to CRMs and MAPs, so it’s instantly actionable.

UpLead is a B2B sales intelligence platform. Their company data is used to drive business growth, such as through ABM initiatives. UpLead’s B2B contact database gives the user access to millions of verified company contacts.

Slintel is a data vendor primarily offering technographic insights. This intelligence allows B2B marketers and sales teams to deliver targeted, cross-device messages to active, high-intent audiences. With over 17 million companies and 70 million decision-makers in its B2B contact database, Slintel offers global reach and growth opportunities.

Madison Logic was founded in 2005 and is an intent-driven account based marketing provider. The company’s data enables a 66% reduction in qualification time, leading to successful ABM campaigns in a shorter period of time.