10 Best Data Providers for B2B CRM Enrichment

September 18, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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As much as 70% of a business’ CRM records are lost each year to decay - meaning they’re outdated and useless.

More companies are investing in products to achieve maximum growth. SaaS, ERPs, digital tools - the list of technologies being used by businesses is only getting longer. Each purchase indicates that the company is growing, making it a promising candidate for B2B outreach.

The trouble is, these crucial buying signals are not public information. Without them, B2B marketing becomes a guessing game, and a company’s CRM strategy loses its efficiency.

How can businesses ensure that they capture the strongest intent signals from prospects? How can they maintain an up-to-date profile of their B2B leads?

Data-driven CRM enrichment provides the solution. B2B and technographic data providers offer in-depth intelligence about prospect companies, including what they buy, and how to act on these intent signals. This way, B2B sales and marketing teams can achieve optimum CRM and keep a clean portfolio of contact, technographic and intent information.

We’ve compiled a list of the best data providers for B2B CRM enrichment.

The 10 Best Data Providers for B2B CRM Enrichment

Slintel offers best-in-class technographic insights for B2B marketing. The company’s database covers 40,000 different technologies and 70 million decision makers at target companies, enabling B2B CRM enrichment at scale.

SMARTe provides data products designed to resolve CRM challenges. SMARTe’s data enables businesses to build stronger leads lists from a database of over 120 million B2B contacts.

UpLead is a data provider offering tailored CRM enrichment solutions. UpLead offers over 50 data points for each B2B contact with a 95% accuracy rate guaranteed. Companies including Google and Amazon rely on UpLead for optimum CRM strategies.

Momentum Data provides B2B leads data. The company aims to make the CRM process more efficient, targeted and lucrative. Momentum Data has a database covering over 100 million companies and 800 million contacts - updated in real-time, offering global scale.

Krill Technologies is a B2B intent data provider. The company’s data is used for at-scale, in-depth CRM enrichment. With over 23 million company records for 6 millions businesses, marketers can update their leads list and chase up high-value leads.

RingLead was founded in 2003 to bring accurate business intelligence to the B2B data exchange landscape. RingLead’s. RingLead’s CRM solutions are suitable for firms of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

LeadSift is a buyer intent data provider. The company’s provides ultra-granular B2B insights, including contact-level intent data, optimizing all CRM enrichment processes.

Infogroup is a B2B marketing data provider. The company’s database contains over 15 million businesses across the US. Infogroup’s B2B contact data is primed for cross-channel outreach and enables sophisticated CRM enrichment.

SME Screener provides firmographic insights, curated entirely from government registries for the best accuracy. SME Screener’s data is used for CRM solutions to unlock optimum B2B sales and ROI.

Madison Logic is an intent-driven account based marketing provider. Madison Logic’s datasets provide 18 months of historical coverage. This enables businesses to monitor intent signals from their prospects and maintain a CRM portfolio of the hottest B2B leads.