Who's New on Datarade? May Edition

June 08, 2021
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. We’re constantly adding new data providers so that you can sample, compare and buy the right data, whatever your industry or use case. Our growing network of 520+ providers is international and covers hundreds of different data categories.

New providers from across the world joined Datarade recently, selling data types from SEO data to ESG data.

You can get data samples and quotes from all our new data providers by reaching out to them securely and effortlessly via Datarade.

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The Who's New on Datarade? May Edition

SIGWATCH provides ESG data with an emphasis on NGOs’ ESG ratings and performance. SIGWATCH monitors 9,000+
NGOs to gather reputation information covering 60K NGO signals.

X-Byte is a web scraping company providing market intelligence for real estate, ecommerce and travel companies. X-Byte crawls thousands of web sources to collect data which covers all global geographies.

ASL Marketing provides consumer marketing data focussed on building audiences of high school and college students. ASL Marketing collects demographic and interest-based insights so that marketers can optimize their outreach to students via digital and postal campaigns.

GiantLeap Interactive provides B2B marketing and tech install data. The company’s offering includes healthcare industry leads, with 2M records and 100+ countries covered.

SocialSentiment.io provides real-time and ultra-granular stock market sentiment data. The company crawls Reddit, subreddit pages and Tweets to calculate daily sentiment scores for 2,000 US securities.

Reality Research provides unique insights into REITs and visits to geolocations. Reality Research’s foot-traffic data is available on a real-time basis, and also offers 5 years’ of historical coverage.

DestinyCS provides geo-coded location isights for India. The company’s POI dataset is made up of 17 million records, and is trusted by clients including HERE, Google Maps, and TomTom for its navigational value.

StageZero provides annotated image data for AI & ML use cases, specifically to do with health & safety at work. StageZero’s Helmet and Person image datasets are GDPR-compliant and offer 100% resolution and 6k annotations.

Data Sutram provides geographic and location data to enable businesses to mitigate risk and enhance their strategies. Data Sutram’s data offering includes 200+ POIs and covers all of India. The company’s Geographic Potential Impact Score service offers global coverage.

DataForSEO is trusted by over 750 clients worldwide for real-time intelligence for the strongest SEO strategies. DataForSEO Labs API carries out 2k API calls per minute, sourcing real-time keyword insights and SERPs intelligence from all Google locations and languages.

37AUSTEN is a leading alternative data provider. The company’s data products offer both historical and predictive data on asset price movement and volatility. The 37AUSTEN Future Movement Algorithm analyzes proprietary data based on an internal rules-based methodology, enabling the company to provide actionable directional insight into an asset’s possible future price path.

IT Central Station is the leading product review site for enterprise technology. IT Central Station provides solutions which are designed for B2B marketers to spot purchase intent signals amongst their target audience. IT Central Station’s B2B intent datasets include signals scraped from customer review sites and online research portals.

hubsell is a quality-assured B2B contact data provider. The company’s Data Processing as a Service guarantees 95% accuracy, and can be used to connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator to a company’s CRM, as well as enriching the existing CRM with over 25 data points.

ACLED Data provides difficult-to-obtain data on global crises and politically-turbulent events. ACLED Data brings disaggregated conflict analysis to users, with both historical and real-time data available, with 200 countries covered.

ViralMoment deploys social listening technology to capture social media sentiment insights. ViralMoment’s datasets are sourced from 20k mentions on Reddit per day, and can be used to gauge sentiment towards cryptocurrency and retail trade.

IVC Research Center provides unique data covering Israel’s venture capital landscape. With 22 years of historical coverage and 500 daily updates, IVC Research Center’s data enables users to track the development of the Israeli high-tech ecosystem.

Outwardmedia supplies B2B contact data and data enhancement services. The company’s Digitally-Formatted B2B Audiences dataset includes 78M B2B contact records, spanning the whole USA, and ready to integrate with the LiveRamp identity graph.

ExtractAlpha supplies revenue and EPS datasets, with predictions which are typically more accurate than those of experts. ExtractAlpha’s Estimize is a platform for crowdsourced EPS and revenue estimates on 1.5k US stocks, providing unique, actionable alpha signals to institutional investors.

Handshakes provides business ownership data and DaaS. The Handshakes ‘company and regulatory’ data offering includes a data platform, API, and cleansing services. Handshakes’ custom data services cover Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China.

RampedUp GlobalData Solutions specialize in providing B2B contact data for ABM. With 550 million contacts in its data offering, RampedUp helps clients maintain an up-to-date, verified CRM of leads.

MixRank provides data-driven B2B marketing solutions. The company’s mobile app and SDK database is one of the most comprehensive on the market. MixRank also sells firmographic data, providing company insights for startups to Fortune 500s, with 100M contacts included.

IndexMath is a leader in providing data on the UK stock market. IndexMath’s algorithm is being constantly developed and refined to bring users the most accurate predictions based on 80 months of historical lookback.

Fable Data provides consumer spend data for the European economy. The data is sourced from bank and credit card transactions from 5 million accounts. Fable Data’s intelligence is real-time and privacy-compliant, designed for both macro and micro market applications.

ESG Analytics AI supplies metrics covering the 3 pillars of ESG for rigorous insights into a company’s performance and risk potential. ESG Analytics AI cuts through ‘greenwashing’ to supply in-depth data on gender pay gaps, corporate water usage, and hazardous waste disposal, with data covering 140 countries.

ipfind.io provides APIs and data verification services. The company’s TPS Checker includes 18M phone numbers worldwide and is used for contact validation. ipfind.io also provide currency data, with 52.4K currency pairs and 35 years of historical coverage in its data offering.

Demografy provides 100% privacy-compliant consumer marketing data. Demografy gives marketers access to demographic insights about their target customers for enhanced personalization according to the individual’s demographic profile.

DataSpark provides ESG performance data on over 7000 global corporations. Clients rely on DataSpark’s ESG intelligence and scoring systems for alternative investment and portfolio reporting.

Locationscloud provides location and POI datasets according to industry and service vertical, from food chains to gas stations. Locationscloud’s data covers the USA, Canada, and the UK, and is updated daily to capture the most recent retail location intelligence.

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform with 239 Google and Yandex databases. Serpstat offers SEO data with global coverage, and is relied on by companies including Shopify, Uber and Samsung for keyword research, backlink generation and website rank tracking.

Reveal Mobile is a leading geospatial data providers, with 15 millions POIs in its USA and Canada dataset. Reveal Mobile is trusted by 100+ customers to provide CCPA-compliant data-driven solutions, including OOH attribution and visit tracking.

Fraudlogix develops robust solutions to help companies tackle ad fraud. Fraudlogix provides real-time information about IP and ad fraud threats, sourced from over 300 million URLs and apps.