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Founded in 2008, True Influence pioneered the Intent Monitoring category and has continually advanced its technologies to bring unique innovations to the marketplace. By identifying the exact individual expressing intent, True Influence now provides intent contact records empowering marketers with access to individuals beyond the domain. And, with the latest addition of Buying Groups, True Influence data enables the creation of intent driven audiences comprised of individuals with critical roles in the buying process.

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Data Offering

True Influence is unique in providing contact level intent data.
Using our AI, machine learning, and natural language processing , we identify intent activity across a taxonomy of more than 6,500 B2B topics.

Intent data and our B2B database combine to provide verified contact and account information.

The data is collected, managed, and maintained according to applicable regulatory and compliance standards including GDPR, California Privacy Policy and Do not Sell my Data policies.

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True Influence has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact True Influence to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Identify Active Market/Segmentation - Discover companies in market for your solution and identify which markets and segments are best fits.

Sales Prospecting - Improve sales prospecting by delivering sales with a list of companies and contacts actively researching your product category.

Sales Prioritization - Alert sales which accounts in their territories / prospect lists are currently in market and require immediate attention.

ABM Support – Overlay account level intent to drive ABM strategy and or drive specific messaging and offers to ABM accounts.

Programmatic/Campaign Audience Selection - Improve display advertising and marketing campaign performance by focusing spend based on account intent. Invest in accounts showing intent, deprioritize accounts that are not or shift media spend and associated strategy based on topical intent.

Marketing Program Optimization - Use regional intent insights to inform events, direct mail, or other offline strategies.

Engagement Optimization - Use topical intent to optimize nurture streams to increase engagement.

Buying Group / Demand Unit Identification & Selection - Auto identify buying group / demand units with target accounts. Uncover database gaps to drive focused lead acquisition activities.

Content Strategy Optimization - Discover differences in topical interest by account, segment, or location to drive content strategy and improved SEO /SEM.

Competitive & Sales Intelligence - Alert sales when accounts exhibit interest in competitors and guide sales outreach strategies accordingly.

Certifications & Associations

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Data Sources & Collection

We use AI, machine learning, NLP, and regression analysis to analyze search behaviors and viewed content to reveal intent. We triangulate multiple data points (device IDs, lat/long, etc. ) to identify persons at the contact level. Data is compared to behavioral levels for baseline scoring. Topical intent is obtained by mapping to more than 6,500 B2B topics. Data includes domain, location (headquarters, branch), firmographics, full contact record and installed technology for that location.

Key Differentiators

Our proprietary intent data feed is more expansive than what is available from most data co-ops or single source providers. We monitor intent behavior by both executive and managerial customer personas, providing a comprehensive data set to support for your specific use cases.

Our identity resolution is based upon a triangulation of dozens of variables to identify accounts, locations, and specific individuals who are expressing intent.

AI, machine learning, and natural language processing of consumed content identifies precise topical interest and maps intent activity to our taxonomy of more than 6,500 B2B topics. We can easily add new topics based on specific requirements

Data Privacy

True Influence data is collected, managed, and maintained according to applicable regulatory and compliance standards including GDPR, CCPA nd Do not Sell my Data policies.


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