Top 10 B2B Marketing Data Providers

August 24, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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A B2B marketer’s goal is simple: generate MQLs, and send them to sales teams for further qualification - as frictionlessly as possible.

We’ve seen a surge in B2B service providers offering technologically-advanced solutions and SaaS products. These digital solutions aim to make data-driven marketing and enterprise resource usage more efficient.

But even with these digital solutions, B2B and account-based marketing (ABM) sales cycles tend to span a lot longer than B2C cycles. Getting valid contact details for people in the prospect organization requires time-consuming research. Also, it can be difficult for B2B marketers to decide when it’s the right time to reach out to a prospect, which makes the qualification process even longer.

How can marketers and sales teams deepen their understanding of a business prospect in a time-efficient, scalable way? How can they tell when an account’s purchase intent is at its highest?

B2B marketing data providers can supply marketers and sales teams with all of the information necessary for a successful ABM campaign. To ensure B2B marketers reach the right decision-makers at prospect businesses, data providers create pools of contacts with intent signals attached to them. Firmographic and technographic company profiles from these providers are also used to create a more comprehensive understanding of a prospect and their purchase intent.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 B2B marketing data providers on our platform.

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The Top 10 B2B Marketing Data Providers

Cloudlead offers firmographic data and B2B contact databases. The company’s B2B leads lists are customizable and scalable, so that they’re suitable for businesses of all sizes. Cloudlead collects its B2B marketing data based on human testimonials, and all of the company’s leads are verified by real marketers.

InfoGroup has been recognised by Forrester as a leading provider of B2B marketing data. InfoGroup’s databases cover 95% of US businesses. B2B marketers for businesses, enterprises and nonprofits can create custom audiences using InfoGroup’s proprietary firmographic information.

LiveRamp B2B offers data which enables marketers to launch ABM campaigns directed at a single, high-value account. LiveRamp B2B’s data can be used to enrich a business’ first-party data, as well as generate fresh external leads from across the world.

V12 is a data and technology service specializing in customer acquisition. B2B marketers can use V12’s B2B audiences to expand lead prospects by identifying up to 50% of unknown visits to their business’ website. V12 gives B2B sales teams the means to follow up on these leads directly with its database of B2B contacts.

Leadiro offers advanced and actionable B2B contact data for sales and ABM. Whether emailing or cold-calling, B2B marketers can engage with decision-makers at businesses across the world using Leadiro’s database of over 50 million B2B contacts.

Bombora is a B2B marketing data provider specializing in purchase intent data. Bombora captures intent signals from across the B2B web, monitoring the content consumption of over 6,700 business topics. The company emphasizes sustainable marketing, and works to aggregate all of their B2B intent data.

InfoClutch provides B2B marketing data and mailing lists. InfoClutch has over 70 million accounts in their database, and they classify these businesses according to region, industry and function. This makes it easier for B2B marketers to roll out precisely-targeted ABM campaigns.

Corporate 360 is an SaaS company supplying business intelligence and prospects solutions. The company offers global coverage and has over 300 clients. With Corporate 360’s B2B marketing data, B2B sales reps can close deals faster, increase pipeline creation, beat competitors and sustain CRM data quality.

Krill Technologies was founded in 2018, and now provides B2B marketing data to businesses in 150 countries. The company aims to provide data which enables B2B marketers to push leads down the sales funnel via personalized email outreach and ABM strategies.

SMARTe is a data partner with over 120 million B2B contacts spanning 202 countries. Their B2B marketing data is closely scrutinized to ensure quality, accuracy and GDPR-compliance. SMARTe’s qualified leads support B2B marketers and sales teams by bringing increased engagement with prospective clients and optimized conversion.