Firmographic Data Providers

Firmographic data or firmographics is a data type that offers descriptive characteristics about companies. It is widely applied among B2B companies to enrich their CRM database of clients and prospects with an additional set of information about their targets (similar to what demographic data is used for in the B2C space).

We’ve compiled an overview of the vendors offering firmographics. You can use the list to find and compare the sources during your data hunt.

314 data providers available

Logo of AnalyticsIQ data provider.


AnalyticsIQ is an offline marketing data creator and predictive analytics innovator. We are the first data company to consistently blend ...

Logo of IVC Research Center  data provider.

IVC Research Center

Founded in 1997, IVC is the leading data source and business information company in Israel's high-tech industry. We help our clients unde...

Logo of Cloudlead data provider.


CloudLead uses tools backed by human researchers to help B2B sales and marketing teams scale their sales and marketing processes with dat...

Logo of LeadSift data provider.


LeadSift is a B2B intent data provider that identifies persona level insights. We combine data mining, machine learning, and AI to determ...

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Adapt is a global B2B contact and company database provider across multiple industries. Adapt has over 200,000+ users and 90 million+ bus...

Logo of Mattermark data provider.


Mattermark tracks deep insights of tech companies across the world, so you can make investment decisions or find the right account to sel...

Logo of Audit Analytics data provider.

Audit Analytics

Audit Analytics is an independent research provider focused on public company accounting and governance. Our platform, written reports, ...