Top 10 Weather Data Providers

July 14, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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We cannot change the weather.

Algorithms predicting the future are getting more accurate, companies are getting wiser in planning their inventories and risk mitigation is a part of the everyday business.

Yet, an attribute that is often missing from the calculations is the impact of weather. Weather has huge implications on our economy. In the U.S. alone, it accounts for more than $600 billion a year in lost revenue.

The truth is, we cannot change the weather. So, how are some weather affected businesses still able to deal with the climate, and cut costs?

Weather data providers use raw data to derive business relevant insights about the climate. They help companies solve weather related business issues across industries.

We’ve listed top 10 weather data providers on our platform, have a look!

The Top 10 Weather Data Providers

Weather source is one of the leading weather companies aiming to make hyper-local weather data accessible around the globe. With historical data from early 2000s until present is helping companies to reduce waste, fine-tune their logistics, and improve resource planning.

Metomatics uses a combination of data from weather stations, satellites, and models to provider weather insights across industries. With worldwide data from 1979 onwards, the company refines and delivers insights to clients who want to improve their decision making, realise efficiencies and save costs.

Visual Crossing’s offering includes historical weather data, forecasts, and APIs that give businesses access to the hyperlocal and worldwide weather insights. Having helped companies across industries for over 17 years, Visual Crossing is one of the more established weather companies out there.

Meteoblue sits on the cutting edge of weather data technology. The company’s NMM prediction models enable production of weather information for any place on earth and help the renewable energy and housing industries in critical decision making.

Open Weather holds one of the top weather databases in the world. From forecasts on the minute to historical data stating as far back as 1970, the company helps their clients make the most out of our weather.

DTN delivers the most accurate, real-time , and actionable weather insights for weather impacted customers. From smarter decisions, to ensuring safety and optimised processes, DTN’s data fuels our industries in agriculture, energy, and transportation with knowledge.

The weather company is the world’s largest private weather enterprise. Delivering up to 26 billion forecasts daily, the company helps millions consumers of businesses make smarter decisions regarding media, aviation, energy and insurance.

Atlas by Athenium Analytics is one of the most powerful weather databases. Consisting of 250+ historical and forecast variables it helps companies with their complex logistical and risk management decisions.

WeatherAlpha is the premier data provider that builds weather based targeting solutions for marketers and brands. The company develops weather sensitive pinpointed segments for CPGs and brands across industries.

World Climate Service by Prescient Weather is a seasonal and sub-seasonal weather forecast solution for the energy industry. From 2-3 week forecasts to guidance for 1-6 months into the future, the company enables critical decision making across the globe.