10 Best Venture Capital and Private Equity Data Providers

August 28, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Investing in private companies is a balancing act between high risk and high return.

For venture capitalists (VCs), the goal is to prospect and invest in the fastest-growing startup companies in a given sector. This way, they’re more likely to beat market odds and invest in a future unicorn.

But very little information about these private companies is publicly-listed. This makes it difficult for VCs and private equity (PE) investors to evaluate companies’ performance. Also, tracking PE market trends can get complex, with so many macro-economic and non-financial factors to consider. But unless VCs act on these trends before competitors, they miss out on the opportunity to invest in the most innovative startups.

How can VCs be sure that their funds go to the future unicorns? How can PE investors stay ahead of the game when it comes to industry and sector developments?

Private equity and venture capital data providers hold all of the insights which aren’t available on the public exchange. They provide APIs and datasets which filter private companies according to location, company stage, and amount of funding raised. PE and VC data providers allow alternative investors to discover high-growth deals, maximize returns, and create risk-managed exit strategies.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 venture capital and private equity data providers on our platform.

Have a look!

The 10 Best Venture Capital and Private Equity Data Providers

Tracxn is a private company data provider partnered with investors and corporates from across the world. The company combines AI with intelligence from industry insiders to monitor innovative companies. Tracxn’s venture capital insights span 30 countries and over 300 technology sectors, and their datasets include funding round information, IPO statements and startup ecosystem insights.

Refinitv is a data provider offering Eikon, a data product designed to analyze private equity funds and venture capital performance. Refintiv collects their data from global markets and media outlets like Reuters. Startups and investors alike use Refinitv’s venture capital data to make smart decisions in line with real-time market analysis.

For the last 20 years, IVC Research Center’s data has offered venture capital insights specifically for Israeli tech companies. Venture capitalists use IVC Research Center’s data to spot rising stars from a database of over 9000 active tech companies.

FACTSET is a financial data provider offering venture capital and private equity data from thousands of companies worldwide. For venture capitalists, FACTSET’s database of funding rounds and company profiles provides a deep understanding of the alternative investment ecosystem.

AngelList is a platform which connects venture capitalists to over 100,000 startups. AngelList’s proprietary data enables investors to funnel their capital into strong deals. The company’s data aims to make investing and managing portfolios more simple and efficient, so that venture capitalists can allocate resources effectively and maximize revenue.

Mattermark provides market and company data via a normalized API. Mattermark collects its data from millions of news articles and websites each day using machine learning, web crawlers, primary sources, and natural language processing. Mattermark’s company analytics enable PE investors and VCs to close deals in confidence.

Crunchbase is a platform which connects VCs and private equity fundraisers to innovative companies. Crunchbase’s private company data offering includes a directory of startups and investors from the US and Europe. Their venture capital data is used by over 55 million professionals each year to spot investment opportunities and generate revenue.

Pitchbook provides merger and acquisition (M&A) data on a global scale. For venture capitalists, Pitchbook’s data provides predictions about hot sectors and deals ahead of market competition. This makes the sourcing process more efficient and rewarding.

CB Insights is a data provider offering stock market data. The company’s analytics are used by tech startups to predict emerging trends, and by venture capitalists to identify successful startups ahead of competitors. With their venture capital data, CB Insights aims to remove the ‘three Gs’ from alternative investment decisions: Google searches, gut instinct and guys with MBAs.

Bloomberg offers data for investors throughout the private equity fundraising journey - from opportunity prospecting, raising additional rounds, to creating exit strategies. Bloomberg provides analytics into private companies and their industries so PE investors can manage risk against return.