Top 10 Mobile Audience Data & Analytics Providers

July 03, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Mobile has overtaken desktop traffic, becoming the primary medium how users interact with brands, via mobile apps and websites.

That’s why mobile audience targeting has become extremely important, leading to a high demand for mobile audience data. There is now a rising number of emerging data providers flooding the market with a variety of offerings.

Without getting lost in the market, how are decision makers able to find the right source of mobile audience data that supports their targeting strategies?

Here are the most popular mobile audience data providers on our platform.

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The Top 10 Mobile Audience Data & Analytics Providers

TrueData has established it’s position one of the leading providers in the mobile audience data field. Tapping into the raw data app publishers generate TrueData has created an infrastructure where data can be shared in a safely, brining high value for both publishers and the data demand.

Skydeo offers mobile audience data for marketers who are willing to increase their digital campaign results. From custom facebook audiences to programmatic segments the company’s approach to data driven advertising has taken mobile marketing to the next level.

Pushspring combines 1st and 3rd party data sources to create an extensive mobile audience data coverage in global scale. The company’s data and sophsoiticated lookalike modelling technology help marketers in their targeting strategies across display, mobile, and video.

Onaudience’s proprietary data management platform leverages high quality mobile audience data around the globe to enable marketers and advertisers to make their actions more accurate. The company’s database includes more than 27 billion user profiles and is able to deliver custom audiences.

Adsquare gives advertisers access to mobile audience data at scale. Through the company’s marketplaces advertisers can find data for demographics, affinities and any type of mobile audience analytics. Aggregating data from app publishers, ecommerce and telcos Adsquare provides a large database of data for commercial use.

Mobilewalla is a leading consumer intelligence solution provider. The company’s proprietary data solutions provide businesses with access to rich insights about mobile audiences and consumer behaviour enabling smarter decisions and higher returns on advertising investments.

Lifesight is Asia’s leading mobile audience data platform that measures real world intelligence. The company helps brands and enterprises measure consumers based on their behaviour in the offline world. From footfall measurement to audience activation Lifesight helps fuel the data driven marketing in dozens of top level organisations around the world.

Complementics is a mobile data marketplace for publishers that enables companies to exchange data in order to achieve greater results. With mobile audience insights from over 1 billion global devices, the company holds one of the largest banks of data for targeting and optimisation purposes.

Operating in more than 300 countries, Kochava offers audience data insights in world scale. The company’s secure real-time data products enable audience measurement and optimisation in superior accuracy. With data from 10 of the 10 largest apps, Kochava has guaranteed its mobile audience data coverage.

StartApp enables it’s clients to understand the mobile environment. Partnering with 500k+ applications, the company reachers over 1 billion MAUs worldwide. They helps dozens of world class companies explore the intents and behaviours of mobile users.