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The biggest global brands rely on transaction data to build delightful consumer experiences. From ads which spark a client’s interest, to the payment system which seals the deal, transaction data enables retailers to see what consumers will spend on, when they’re most likely to purchase, and how they’ll pay.

As online and offline commerce grows more competitive, businesses need access to transaction intelligence which is granular, scaleable, and privacy-assured. Where can businesses buy the actionable, opt-in transaction data they need to achieve the best sales possible?

Transaction data providers collect and aggregate information captured at POS from credit cards, debit cards, and online payment methods - online and offline. Transaction data providers give retailers the insights to create inspiring ads, create the most-loved products, and secure loyal customers. Compare the best transaction data providers on Datarade data marketplace.

Top 20 Transaction Data Providers

Popular Transaction Data Products

Explore popular datasets, databases & APIs for transaction data.
400K POI
USA covered
3 years of historical data
SafeGraph Spend is an aggregated transaction dataset containing spending behavior at individual points of interest indicating showing spending patterns over ...
1M records
100% match rate
240 countries covered
Analyze credit card/debit card transactions happening all over the world to create world-class data science or Artificial intelligence products for finance, ...
150 Public & Private Companies
100% GDPR Compliant
Mexico covered
QueXopa offers unprecedented access into Mexico's emerging markets with our uniquely refined credit/debit card transactions datasets.
25K records
97% coverage
249 countries covered
List of vessels sold for second-hand trading and/or for demolition (scrapping). We collate this from several sources including shipbrokers and shipowners.
1B rows
USA covered
7 years of historical data
90 West's open loop gift card data provides a unique look into consumer spending using a robust, unique panel of open loop gift card transaction data (pre-pa...
750K active accounts
2 countries covered
4 years of historical data
Analyse aggregated spend, consumer loyalty, to granular demography and merchant brand level, for 250+ listed entities and 1.4k+ merchants in the UK & EU. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked when evaluating different data vendors

Who are the best Transaction data providers?

Finding the right Transaction data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Transaction data providers that you might want to buy Transaction data from are 90 West Data, Facteus, ClearScore, Edison Trends, and QueXopa.

How many Transaction data providers are there?

There’s a huge number of Transaction data providers out there! If you’re not sure where to get started, we have a list of 124 Transaction data providers on our platform.

How do I choose the right Transaction data provider?

To find the best Transaction data provider for your use case, you should create a shortlist of providers and compare the quality, volume, and historical and geographical coverage of their Transaction data. Datarade can help you get a good comparison of Transaction data providers.