Top 10 Credit/Debit Card Data & Analytics Providers

June 17, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Banks and credit card issuers have for long known the goldmine of knowledge they are currently sitting on.

Anonymised data collected from credit and debit card transactions can open a myriad of new ways to understanding consumer spending habits as well as over all market developments.

However, for many reasons the credit card data market has yet to receive bigger exposure, and the data provider landscape is still developing.

Who are the top actors in the market, and where do we find them?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 credit card data providers on our platform, have a look!

The Top 10 Credit/Debit Card Data & Analytics Providers

Mastercard’s real-time transaction data is the leading global resource for consumer spending insights. With over 2.4 Billion credit/debit card globally, their data covers over 65 Billion global transactions per year. Well anonymised and aggregated, Mastecard’s transaction data is among the largest sources for transaction analytics in the world.

1010 Data specialises in the data aggregation from other third-party data providers. Their platform leverages credit and debit card data with panels of millions of consumers. Insights 1010 Data’s consumer transaction data suite covers include share of wallet, new-lost-retained customers, and shopper comparison analytics. All in favour of helping investors and retailers make better business decisions in the future.

Facteus is a financial data business intelligence solution provider that works with a multitude of processors, investors, and retail corporations. The company transforms raw data from billions of transactions to over 1,000 financial services companies to yield valuable insights on consumer spending and company performance.

Fable, the Europe’s leading source of transaction data, provides anonymous consumer spending data and analysis in real time. The company’s debit and credit card transaction data from a panel of European consumers and small businesses offers insights into alpha-generation and better investment decisions across whole Europe.

Sandalwood Advisors, China’s first alternative data platform, gives decision makers insights on one of the fastest growing consumer markets in Asia. The company’s fully anonymised and aggregated credit card data covers transactions from luxury goods to commerce sales, and FMCG. Covering over 800 million Chinese consumers, and their transactions in more than 200 countries makes Sandal wood the leading data partner for Chinese markets.

Envestnet - Yodlee has built a data aggregation and analytics platform that helps financial institutions and fintech companies to analyse consumer purchase behaviour. The provider own a large proprietary panel of credit card transaction data and licenses that data to third parties including alternative data brokers. Envestnet - Yodlee’s APIs drive data from over 21,000 global sources, giving decision makers access to bank, credit card, investment, loan, and financial account data they need.

Goldman & Sachs Quantinomics collect transaction data from US credit card sales data. Their data, that covers multiple dimensions of consumer spending is helping a diverse range of clients from individuals to advisors and institutions. Decision makers around the globe rely on Quantinomics to help them run market analytics, make better investment decisions and plan for their future.

QueXopa is the leading alternative data provider in the LATAM. Sourcing data for investment and and retail market share analytics purposes, the company has helped governments, finance companies and many others to make smarter decisions over the Latin markets. Their credit card transaction dataset has a comprehensive coverage of over 250,000 accounts and 5,000,000 monthly transactions in Mexico.

Originating from Silicon Valley, Second Measure is among the leading data provider and analytics companies offering insights to company performance and consumer behaviour. The company helps investors in validating their thesis’ and KPI predictions. With billions of anonymised transactions from millions of U.S consumers, Second Measure helps businesses track the lifetime value of a company’s best customers, explore where else they shop, and discover where they go when they churn.

Fintech company, Fidel provides a developer-friendly, secure and reliable API that business’ can use to connect payment card to mobile and web apps. With this technology the company enables a quick access to real time transactions data. Working with global business’ like Klarna and Avios they have offices in London, Lisbon, and North Amerca.