Top 10 Private Company Databases & Providers

July 06, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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“Certainty” is a high-demand commodity for early-stage investors.

Investment professionals rely on accurate company data to conduct their due diligence, risk assessment, and other activities.

Yet, data for private companies is often hard to come by. Unlike publicly listed companies, the private-owned don’t have the same disclosure obligations. This leads to a more difficult and manual data sourcing process.

So, how can early-stage investors lead a data-driven investment process? How do they understand emerging trends faster than their competitors?

A large variety of data providers have emerged and are aggregating data on private companies. This is where the market leaders get their intelligence.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular private company data providers, have a look!

The Top 10 Private Company Databases & Providers

Tracxn follows companies across 300+ innovative technology sectors to help investors put their money where it matters the most. Featured in Forbes top 100 global analytics startups, the company has grown rapidly to helping the leading VCs, corporates and government agencies in smarter decisions.

With over 500 daily clients, Mattermark is the leading collector and organiser of comprehensive private company data. The company’s API covers millions of companies across industries and enables near realtime updates on the company developments.

Crunchbase’s data services are trusted by 50M+ users every year. From bulk exports to billions of API calls, the company delivers actionable data on private companies across the globe. Crunchbase is among the top companies to help investors uncover new opportunities.

FACTSET covers private company data across more than 40 attributes from management insights to investment rounds, and other financial data. Digging in to the sources of financing rounds and as well as M&A’s, the company helps decision makers and investors to analyse their future opportunities in depth.

With a database covering over 3M companies around the globe, Pitchbook has changed the way venture capitalists do research and analyse the market. Covering the global VC, private equity and public markets, the company enables the examination of companies, deals, funds, investors and service providers across industries.

Orbit by Bureau van Dijk is one of the world’s leading information resources on private companies. With data on 375M+ companies across the globe, Orbis enables the standardised comparison of private companies across industries.

Covering over 13M+ company profiles and 40M+ competitive relationships, Owler is the world’s largest community-based database for business insights. With a complete view from revenue numbers to funding and employee stats, the company maps competitive relationships between businesses and helps investors make educated future decisions.

PrivCo’s top notch data discovery and financial services help investors discover and manage their investment opportunities with ease. With an unchallenged access to data from full historical financial + KPIs as well as funding activities , the company enables a total chronological overview of the prospect’s performance.

CB insights combines artificial intelligence, data and visualisations to help large enterprise clients and VC’s to navigate the complex future markets. From private company data to patent filings, CB insights offers access to a comprehensive market overview that enables smarter investment decisions.

DueDil brings together data from 50M+ companies to build end-to-end solutions for risk monitoring, go-to-market executions, and smarter investment decisions. Hundreds of successful businesses rely on DueDil’s private market knowledge and insights to empower their growth engines.