Top 10 Telecom Data & Analytics Providers

June 30, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Mobile network operators have access to a wealth of anonymized insights which can bring real-world benefits: fraud detection procedures, road traffic reduction, and enhanced experiences for smartphone users.

However, retrieving aggregated telecom data from them is not so simple, because telcos must ensure that all of their publicly-accessible insights are privacy-compliant.

So here’s the question: how can companies tap into the valuable audience and location-based analytics held in a telecom dataset, whilst ensuring that they don’t compromise the privacy of mobile users?

This is where telecom data providers offer a solution. With sophisticated de-identification technology, telecom data providers can supply buyers with a minefield of 100% privacy-secure, aggregated information from mobile signals.

Telecom data providers supply actionable, high-quality cell phone analytics which are improving how we navigate the online and offline world. Their data can be put directly to business use, and maintains the anonymity of every consumer.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best telecom data providers on our platform.

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The Top 10 Telecom Data & Analytics Providers

Axonix is a Telefónica-owned data provider and advertising platform. Their unique first-party, telco-verified datasets give accurate location insights to be used by companies globally. In addition to their location expertise, the company is able to provide insights on geo-based user behavior, analytics, and footfall attribution to further enhance the media and audience buying process.

Through their data monetization partnerships with mobile network operators, Cinarra processes billions of 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi location updates for 35 million people in 500,000 different locations. The company uses telecom data to provide advanced targeting solutions, analytics, and custom personas that fuel the marketing and business engines for brands and carriers across the world.

Vserv is the leading telecom data provider for Asian regions. Together with AirTel, India’s largest carrier, Vserv has built a data management platform (DMP) that covers over 360 million authentic user profiles and empowers marketers to thrive in data-driven advertising across 30+ industry segments.

Novatiq ensures the delivery of real-time audiences without the use of cookies. The company’s proprietary snowflake ID can match the ad requests to desirable audiences privately inside the telco network - in real time. Focusing on the cookieless future of advertising, Novatiq has already attracted a significant amount of attention from advertisers, and their telecom datasets will keep helping marketers in data-driven audience targeting.

Pinsight partners up with some of the world’s leading data carriers to ensure that the digital advertising ecosystem thrives. The company is the go-to source for first-party mobile data for companies that are looking to identify their ideal customers, develop custom audiences and reach out to them on-the-go. As an established expert in the field, Pinsights has an industry-leading DMP to help companies make use of their telecom data.

Being among the leading innovators in telecommunications, Emodo was actually founded by one of the most experienced players in the field, Ericsson. Through their partnerships with AT&T and O2 Telefonica, the company serves mobile advertisers and marketers and offers global coverage. Ericsson’s vast data offering has led to them building a smart graph which includes over 2B+ unique user profiles - all based on billions of attributes, analytics, and location insights.

Teralytics works with the largest network carriers and other data partners in the world to help organizations understand human mobility. Capturing billions of signals from cell towers, the company brings insights that help solve real-world business problems, but which are also of wider global benefit. Teralytics is able to provide telecom data which deepens the buyer’s knowledge of demographics, human movement patterns, and online to offline behavior.

Teragence helps mobile operators understand, manage and improve their network customer experience. Benchmarking customer experiences from all mobile telecom operators, the company brings transparency to the telecom industry. Teragence’s proprietary Crowdsource 2.0 technology collects real-time carrier data, which allows telecom companies to analyze their customers’ network experience and compare it to their competitor’s offerings.

Zeotap leverages a collection of the 10 leading carrier partnerships to onboard, understand and activate first-party customer data across the globe. The company’s data and identity platform helps brands and marketers achieve better ROI, offering solutions including customer acquisition, churn prevention, and up-selling. Founded 2014 in Germany, the company has gained significant traction in the years since. zeotap is growing: they’ve spread their operations to cover multiple locations in Europe, the US, and Asia.

Comlinkdata monitors the behavioral patterns of telecom consumers in real-time to help companies make smarter, data-driven decisions. Being the leading provider of real-time market data and analytics for the telecom industry, the company helps their clients to optimize their services and reach strategic and sales success. In addition to providing a comprehensive view onto the telco industry itself, Comlinkdata is able to provide insights on an audience level, enabling marketers to understand what drives consumer behavior.