10 Best Transaction Data Providers

November 26, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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The biggest global brands rely on transaction data to build delightful consumer experiences.

From ads which spark a client’s interest, to the payment system which seals the deal, transaction data enables retailers to see what consumers will spend on, when they’re most likely to purchase, and how they’ll pay.

As online and offline commerce grows more competitive, businesses need access to transaction intelligence which is granular, scaleable, and privacy-assured.

Where can businesses buy the actionable, opt-in transaction data they need to achieve the best sales possible?

Transaction data providers collect and aggregate information captured at POS from credit cards, debit cards, and online payment methods - online and offline. Transaction data providers give retailers the insights to create inspiring ads, create the most-loved products, and secure loyal customers.

The 10 Best Transaction Data Providers

Facteus’ transaction data offering is sourced from 18+ million debit and credit cards belonging to US consumers. Facteus differentiates between unique card types, demographics, geography, and transaction indicators. Facteus data has an accuracy rate of 99.79% and shows a user the ratio of online/offline transactions, so it’s actionable for both ecommerce and brick and mortar retailers.

Envestnet Yodlee is a business Intelligence solution offering transaction data. Yodlee provides real-time insights into what is driving business based on transactions as they occur. Yodlee data is available across digital and mobile and devices via API for instant implementation. Yodlee’s panels include one of 4M US consumers showing line-by-line transaction, or the company’s even more granular C panel, covering 15 million US consumers.

Edison’s panel represents the entire US population, capturing transaction data - including SKU, store location and total spend information - from credit, debit, PayPal and Apple Pay purchases. It offers consumer transaction industry-leading breadth, timeliness and accuracy. Because they use the US Census as reference, Edison Trends’ data is verified as anonymized, aggregated and statistically valid.

Rakuten Intelligence’s consumer purchase intelligence is captured directly from billions of transactions, not via web scraping, surveys, or small panels. Rakuten Intelligence’s transaction data is trusted by over 200 brands. The company’s panel of millions of US online shoppers gives users weekly insights and high-definition item data - the freshest transaction data, so that retailers can act on the most current consumer purchase trends.

7Park Data’s data is trusted by global companies for advanced and impartial transaction data analytics and business intelligence. 7Park Data’s transaction data includes insurance and hospitality purchases, sourced from 40 million credit cards on a 100% anonymized basis.

Covering both online and offline retail, Epsilon’s transaction data is trusted by brands including PayPal, Google, and Jaguar. Epsilon identifies consumer purchase signals from constantly updated transaction data using its panel of 200 million consumers.

peekd’s transaction and sales intelligence offers clients a 20% increase in online sales. Gathering insights from over 500,000 ecommerce retailers, peekd’s data shows consumer purchase patterns and popular basket composition as well as the most popular SKUs and products from the user’s given market.

Affinity Solutions gathers purchase signals to provide users with an accurate reflection of consumer intent. Affinity Solutions’ data offering covers 93.5 million shoppers, over 6.5 billion transactions, and annually $650 billion in annual spend. Part of Affinity Solutions’ transaction data covers consumer spend according to US voter preference, allowing retailer to tailor strategies on a state-by-state basis.

Retail Velocity’s solutions enable clients to harness the power of POS data for promotion execution and media spend analysis. Retail Velocity offers intelligence from 400+ retailer data streams. Retail Velocity’S DSR (demand signal repository) offers ultra-granular intelligence, down to item level, as well as integrations with various external sources for optimum forecasting, shipping and inventory management.

Cardlytics is an ad platform targeting in-bank users, generating ads based on online and offline purchases. Cardlytics’ purchase intelligence reaches over 161 million bank customers, capturing data from 1:2 card swipes in the US, equivalent to $3 trillion in annual spend. Marketers and bankers alike rely on Cardlytics transaction data to serve only the most relevant, timely ads to consumers.