10 Best Consumer Sentiment Data Providers

November 19, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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Listening to your customers’ feedback ensures they remain loyal to your brand.

The billions of digital conversations which take place every day are the most authentic indicators of consumer sentiment. Social media posts, comments, reviews, surveys, and editorials - they all enable businesses to fine-tune their brand in response to how it’s being perceived by consumers, compare their performance to competitors, and respond to real-time market trends.

With more and more global brands turning to privacy-assured consumer sentiment data to empower their strategies, the demand is growing for fresh, consent-managed intelligence that’ll give their business the edge.

Where can brands access data from social media and surveys - at scale, securely - to ensure that they’re the most-loved among consumers?

Social media and consumer intelligence data providers offer insights crucial for trend prediction, brand perception, and product development. These providers collect sentiment signals and survey results from thousands of consumers on a 100% opt-in basis, supplying brands with market intelligence that is always privacy-compliant, and always actionable.

We’ve compiled a list of the best data providers for consumer sentiment analysis.

The 10 Best Consumer Sentiment Data Providers

Crowd Analyzer is the leading Arabic social media listening platform. The Crowd Analyzer Dashboard collects real-time intelligence on sentiment, as well as gender, location, and influencer mentions from millions of social media posts. Crowd Analyzer also has a database of historical Twitter posts stretching back to 2006.

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence company. Brandwatch offers data sourced from billions of online social conversations. Brandwatch data enables brands including Sky and Unilever to respond instantly to new consumer trends, and to spot sentiment ‘hotspots’ for new business opportunities.

WGSN is a consumer trend forecasting company. WGSN Barometer tracks brand health based on real-time consumer feedback. The company generates consumer behavior and purchase predictions for the coming 5 years using expert sentiment data analytics. With 250 new monthly reports and over 20 years of market expertise, WGSN enables fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle businesses to create pristine brands and products.

peekd is a data science company with ecommerce solutions. peekd’s shopper intelligence is sourced from over 500,000 ecommerce merchants and 10,000 brands, covering 75% of products sold online. peekd data enables businesses to tell exactly which brands are the most popular amongst consumers, and track how this changes in real-time.

Suzy is a market research platform offering real-time consumer intelligence. Suzy provides sentiment data visualization tools including word clouds for online mentions. Suzy data is 100% verified and securely sourced from the company’s proprietary pool of consumers, to provide on-demand, privacy-assured insights.

Numerator is a consumer intelligence data provider. Numerator Surveys offers sentiment data surveys conducted with highly-engaged panelists. 90% of Numerator Surveys take place on mobile devices, so brands can tap into rapid market developments as they occur.

Sense360 by Medallia offers advanced consumer behavior intelligence. Sense360 combines foot traffic, transaction, and survey data to provide the most enriched and holistic picture of consumer sentiment. Per year, Sense360 collects billions of data points spanning millions of panelists from 500,000 surveys.

Meltwater is a media monitoring and social listening platform. Meltwaters’s product enables users to delve into sentiment insights from 1.2 trillion online conversations, both social and editorial. Businesses use Meltwater data to conduct brand and keyword trend analysis, using sentiment indicators sourced from 15 social network sites, as well as blogs, forums, review websites, and comments on news articles.

Mintel is a leading authority in global market intelligence. Mintel tracks consumer attitudes according to country and market by asking thousands of people every day for their opinion. Mintel also monitors consumer spending across 34 markets, as well as capturing insights from 38,000 product launches every month.

GfK is data science company providing AI-powered business intelligence. GfK is focussed on clarifying the consumer journey from interest and research, to conversion and post-purchase. GfK’s product why2buy provides users with survey data, so that businesses can understand the key pain points amongst shoppers and optimize their strategies in response.