Top 3rd Party Data Providers & Platforms

March 11, 2020
Data Expert Lucy
Lucy Kelly Research Analyst at Datarade
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3rd party data can be used alongside with 1st and 2nd party data to improve campaign audience targeting while ensuring scalability. Over the last decade, hundreds of third-party data aggregators have emerged, but only those with the broadest or most specific country coverage have made it to the top.

The vast majority of these 3rd party data aggregators get their data from online behaviour via cookie tracking.

Yet with Google’s recent announcement of the death of the 3rd party cookie, how will these data providers survive?

Here’s a list of the biggest 3P data aggregators that offer audience targeting data on a global scale:

The Top 3rd Party Data Providers & Platforms

The data giant, Oracle Data Cloud, combines the power of their acquisitions (BlueKai, AddThis, Crosswise, Grapeshot, Moat, and Datalogix) to help digital advertising companies drive better business outcomes across more than 100 countries. One of the company’s acquisitions alone, Bluekai, accounts for nearly 700 million customer profiles and 100,000 data attributes on a global scale.

Where adsquare really shines is in empowering its partners and clients with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use instruments that put the user in control. With their self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP), it’s possible to easily upload your own data from multiple sources and generate insights in real-time. Their cross-device Reach Extension also allows the reaching of audiences across multiple screens and platforms, improving your overall audience. Having created a neutral and transparent marketplace, adsquare enables companies to make better marketing decisions that result into more relevant customer engagement.

Axcion’s data and insights help to illuminate audiences in 13 countries worldwide, with a coverage of more than 162 million households in just the USA alone. Where many companies create composite views and project behaviors across only cookies, Acxiom compiles actual insights on consumers, not just their cookies. In their core “Safe Haven environment”, the company ingests, cleans, matches, and enhances diverse data sets at scale in a privacy-compliant way. This allows them to offer enriched, accurate, and privacy-compliant data for a plethora of marketing purposes.

Offering over 27 billion user profiles from over 200 markets globally, OnAudience is one of the largest 3rd party data providers in the world. The company’s reach enables it to capture vast amounts of granular data for users, allowing for the creation of thousands of curated, targetable audience segments. OnAudience specializes in turning Big Data into revenue for advertisers and publishers by offering data for personalized online campaigns and support Business Intelligence solutions.

With a collection of over 4 billion unique audience profiles, Eyeota has one of the widest coverages in the global market. The company’s focus is on bringing real-world insights into the digital space, meaning Eyeota onboards both offline and online data in a privacy-complaint and globally consistent way. The company builds its audiences on a multitude of factors, including what people are buying, watching, listening, reading and interacting with in both the digital and offline world, and this allows them to take into consideration all aspects of the consumer. Eyeota segments by demographics, behavior and psychographics to offer third-party data at a scale and with local relevance tailored to your needs

With over 60,000 audience segments, Nielsen’s data platform empowers some of the biggest brands, publishers and agencies in the digital space. With all of the company’s audiences being customizable by AI driven insights they allow decision makers to capture, profile, and optimize audiences based on their personal needs. By leveraging the reach of their data partners and acquisitions, such as Exelate, Nielsen has increased their reach to the CPG, travel, shopping, auto, finance, and business verticals.

With audience segments available on over 50 advertising platforms (including Google, Trade Desk, and AppNexus) Lotame is one of the leading 3rd party data providers in the global markets. The company’s data gives users access to thousands of pre-built and customizable audiences. Lotame has a long track record in helping marketers find their customers based on precision demographics and television viewership patterns.