Audience Data Providers

Audience data refers to descriptive information about consumer profiles which can be used for market segmentation and audience planning in an online environment. Audience data is generally used by companies to enrich consumer audiences and help optimize their marketing spend towards the right customers. In more detail, the data measures demographic, behavioral, and psychographic aspects of a chosen customer group and enables companies to create matching online audiences that can be targeted in both online and offline environments.

We compiled a list of over 400 vendors offering audince data to help you in your data hunt.

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461 data providers available

Logo of IVC Research Center  data provider.

IVC Research Center

Founded in 1997, IVC is the leading data source and business information company in Israel's high-tech industry. We help our clients underst...

Logo of Kochava Collective data provider.

Kochava Collective

The **Kochava Collective** is the largest independent marketplace for connected devices with more than **6 billion addressable device profil...

Logo of 180byTwo data provider.


180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions; leveraging multi sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity, ...

Logo of Cloudlead data provider.


CloudLead uses tools backed by human researchers to help B2B sales and marketing teams scale their sales and marketing processes with data. ...

Logo of X-Mode data provider.


Our goal is to create a living map for your life. We are building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today. Wi...

Logo of Mattermark data provider.


Mattermark tracks deep insights of tech companies across the world, so you can make investment decisions or find the right account to sell i...

Logo of Skydeo data provider.


Skydeo is a mobile-first data company providing insights, ad targeting and measurement data to brands and agencies at scale. - AppGraph -...

Logo of Reonomy data provider.


Reonomy leverages big data, partnerships and machine learning to connect the fragmented, disparate world of commercial real estate. By pr...

Logo of Nomura Research Institute (NRI) data provider.

Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

Access untapped alpha using the most up to date Japanese alternative data. Our best-in-class Japanese alternative data powers your data-d...

Logo of Complementics data provider.


Complementics has SDK derived data from more than 1 billion unique global devices and focuses on the following: 1. Geolocation- raw feed...